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Vittoria Citerni di siena

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10 October 2013-Present event organizer Fernando Porcar, Creativa360, madrid (spain) Event organizer 01/10/2012-Present ground hostess and event organizer Alfa FCM via Paolo Emilio 7, Rome (Italy) helping organizing and directing events of different kind 15/09/2011-Present responsible for direction, editing and images for concerts of Symphonic Orchestra Marco dall' Symphonic Orchestra Marco Dall'Aquila, Rome (Italy) responsible for concerts organization and press office; direction and realization of trailers and videos of the following concerts: -Concert for "Rotaract: No(t)e da Oscar, April 20th 2013, Auditorium del San Leone Magno, Rome, Italy -"International Concerts for Childhood in the World", Dec. 13rd 2012, Basilica Papale di Santa MariaMaggiore,Rome,Italy - "Provinciamusica not(t)e da Oscar", June 17th 2012, Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio,L'Aquila, Italy -"Solemn concert for the citizens of Rome", April 16th 2012, Basilica di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola, Rome, Italy -" Solemn concert for CARLE-Conferenze delle Assemblee Legislative Regionali dell'Unione Eropea", Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio, L'Aquila, Italy. This trailer was chosen to be the opening of the summit 2013 Her Medium-Lenght Movie was accepted at the IMDb database 2013 The movie "A Dark Rome" was accepted at the IMDb database and she results as first assistant director on it. She signs her first position as assistant director in a long-movie at only 19 years old 2013 She was accepted as director at   22 July 2013-22 July 2013 director Competition "Autori nel cassetto,  Attori sul comò", rome (italy) Her theatrical version of "5 MINUTES" was selected for the competition "Autori nel cassetto, Attori sul comò" at the "Teatro Lo Spazio", Rome, Italy  10 April 2013-10 June 2013 screenwriter, director, editor myself, Rome (italy) Writer, director and editor of the medium-lenght movie "IO CI CREDEVO" 24 April 2013-24 April 2013 director Competition "Esplorare Lo Spazio-Teatro e Danza", rome (italy) Her theatrical version of "5 MINUTES" was chosen to enter the competition "Esplorare Lo Spazio- Teatro e Danza" at the "Macro Pelanda" of Testaccio, Rome, Italy 16 April 2013-16 April 2013 lyrical singer in the choir Alessio Magnaguagno and Coro "Le Querce del Tasso", rome (Italy) Singer into the opera "Attila" of Giuseppe Verdi at the "Teatro Don Bosco" of Rome, Italy 19/09/2012-23/09/2012 singer in the show "Life of Galileo" Ass.Culturale Le Querce del Tasso, Rome (Italy) choir singer 10/08/2012-15/08/2012 Stage director Latina Lirica, Latina, Rome (Italy) direction and staging of the show "Vissi d'arte,vissi d'amore", on Giacomo Puccini's life and music; represented in the Rocca Aldobrandeschi, Scarlino (Grosseto), Italy 20/04/2013 organizer and director Symphonic Orchestra Marco Dall'Aquila, Rome (Italy) Organization and direction of the Concert "Rotaract and Friends", with the support of Unicef,for fund- raising in favour women and childrenof Afghanistan organization and direction of the concert "Rotaract and Friends"oo 27/06/2012 director and organizer Alessandro Dolci, Rome (Italy) organizer and director of the show for piano solo "From darkness to light", in collaboration with the composer Alessandro Dolci 20 June 2012-10 July 2012 RUFA and Association "You Man Right", rome (italy) Took part as cameraman to the realization of the movie of the training course on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations; the course was held in Rome, in collaboration with SolidarItalia, the Association You Man Right, Youths for Human Rights International, RUFA- Rome University of Fine Arts, Roma Capitale, Chairman Committee on School Capital of Rome; 05 May 2012-05 May 2012 lyrical singer Coro "Le Querce del Tasso", rome (italy) took part as a chorus singer in the concert “Music for Kenya”, held in Auditorium’s Sala Sinopoli in Rome, in collaboration with AMREF Italia Onlus 24/04/2013 director and screenwriter myself, Rome (Italy) direction of the show "5 MINUTI" based on my screenplay 01/04/2012-24/07/2012 assistant director Fabervideo, Rome (Italy) assistant director in the movie "A dark Rome", directed by Andres Zabala 01/02/2012-01/05/2012 different roles in filmaking RUFA-Rome University of Fine Arts, Rome (Italy) cameraman,editor,assistant director,sound engineer,art director in different short movies of Rufa students: -Editor in the short "Non viol dire che sia così", directed by Giordano Campanelli; -First assistant director in the short "Daily Courage", directed by Giulia Bazzicchi; -Sound technician in the short "Border Line", directed by Jacopo Cogoni; -Cameraman in the short "Il corto die cretini", directed by Camilla Crescenzi; -Art director, editor, cameraman for some RUFA's events. 15/03/2012 cameraman luiss university, rome (Italy) cameraman for the congress organized by the Chamber of Deputies at Luiss University, Rome 01/03/2012-01/04/2012 organizer Ciak 2000 srl, Rome (Italy) organizer of the photographic retrospective about Andrej Tarkovsky 01/01/2012-05/05/2012 director and screenwriter RUFA-Rome University of Fine Arts, Rome (Italy) director and screenwriter of the short movie "Il Risveglio" 15/09/2010-15/06/2011 director,screenwriter and producer myself, Rome (Italy) director,screewriter and producer of the short movie "5 MINUTI" 01/05/2011-01/06/2011 filmmaker CNR, Rome (Italy) filmmaker in the short movie "TG Nazareth e Ambiente" in collaboration with CNR for the project "Scientists and students" 01 October 2011-01 November 2011 assistant and collaborator Carmen de Sandi, Theatre-dance company "Sinespatio", rome (italy) Collaboration with the company of TeatroDanza “SineSpazio” conducted by Carmen de Sandi as rehearsal and audition organizer  15/01/2010-10/07/2010 assistant producer Giulia Giordano, Rome (Italy) assistant producer in the short movie "Bile" directed by Giulia Giordano 10/10/2006-10/06/2010 different roles theatrical company Il Quadriportico,Collegio San Giuseppe,Istituto De Merode, Rome (Italy) assistant director,vocalist,dancer,actress in different musicals, such as: -Participation in the staging of the musical “Shreck” in the role of assistant director in the theatre of “Rome Events” in June, 2010; --Participation in the staging of the musical “Mamma Mia!” playing the role of “Athina”, in the theatre of “Rome Events” in December, she also recorded the choral songs(2009); --Participation in the staging of the musical “The little Mermaid!” in the role of “Jellysam”, in the theatre of “Ambra Jovinelli” in June(2009); --Participation in the staging of the musical “Fame!-Be Famous” as costume designer, she also recorded the choral songs, in the theatre of “Rome Events” in December(2008); -Participation in the staging of the musical “The Lion King” as a member of the dance troupe and choir. The musical was on scene both at the theatre of “Rome Events” and at the “Ambra Jovinelly” in june(2008); -- Participation in the staging of “My Fair Lady” as first assistant director, in the theatre of “Rome Events” in December,she also recorded the choral parts of the songs(2007); -Participation in the staging of the the musical “Peter Pan” as a first assistant director, in the theatre of “Rome Events” and “Ambra Jovinelli” in June(2007); --Participation in the staging of the musical “Hello, Dolly!” as costume designer, in the theatre of “Rome Events” in December(2006) 2009 Giulia Giordano, director, rome (Italy) Partecipating in the role of appearance to the creation of the first Italian drama clip, in September on ALL Music: "Brusco-quattro e mezzo-la serie" directed by Giulia Giordano 01/02/2009-01/05/2009 assistant director Francesca Staasch, Rome (Italy) assistant director in the project "Triathlon" Newspaper "Educazione e libertà", rome (Italy) She writes an article in a national newspaper called "Educazione e Libertà" October 2008 Writer and editor myself, rome (Italy) Participation in the development of a new school magazine, run entirely by students, entitled "Secondo noi..." with the role of chief editor for the movie section, at the "Istituto de Merode" in Rome, Italy 01/05/2006-01/07/2006 director and screenwriter "FuoriTarget", Rome (Italy) director and screenwriter of the short movie "English Roses" for the competition "FuoriTarget" in Milan, Italy October 2006-2009 Writer Magazine "Time Out", rome (italy)    EDUCATION AND TRAINING   01/11/2009-Present certificate of first degree in filmmaking RUFA-Rome University of Fine Arts,via Benaco 2, Rome (Italy) subjects studied: direction,editing,sound,screenwriting,shooting,cinema history,art history,aesthetics subjects studied:s 01/10/2011 certificate of participation Officina Film di Mirko Locatelli, Milan (Italy) class on Actors direction on stage 19/05/2011-19-07/2011 certificate of participation Link Academy, Rome (Italy) study on acting , improvvisation and study of characters 06/02/2010-07/02/2010 certificate of participation Sebastiano Cuscito, Film School "Sentieri selvaggi", Rome (Italy) adaptation dialogues for subtitles 10 October 2009-10 October 2010 certificate of participation Rosanna Rossoni, rome (italy) Study of Lyrical Singing with Rosanna Rossoni 12/06/2009-27/06/2009 certificate of participation Sofia Scandurra,Libera Universita' del Cinema di Roma, Rome (Italy) sreenwriting 2009 certificate of participation Rosanna and Claudia Rossoni Partecipation to the course of song and movement held in Rome at "Studio Pilates Movimentae" by Rosanna and Claudia Rossoni 10/09/2006-10/07/2011 High School Diploma Istituto Nazareth, rome (Italy) Classical Studies. School of Music "Il Circolo dell Quinte", rome (Italy)  She began to study pop-musical singing with Cristana Irali   PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue: Italian Other Language(s): Spanish, English, French Communication Skills: good communication skills due to the kind of work I've been doing in the last dive years; working in a Group, as it happens in movies production and filmmaking,helps you to understand how to work together at its best and,as a director, how to explain people what you want from them in the most clear and motivating way  Organisational/manegerial skills: Good experience of organizational skills;as a director, I need to coordinate and direct the work of at least 15 people,and sometimes even more, it is necessary to be quick, clear and well organized and on filmaking most of it depends on the director himself.  Job-related skills: good knowledge of fields related to film direction,such as screenwriting and stage direction (theater),acquired through work experiences  Computer Skills: Good command of:Office,Power Point, Final Cut. Basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. Good command of Internet resources.
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