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My name is Vasco M. N. Pereira, a native of Portugal and I'm a music professor, musician, composer and conductor.  My musical studies began at the age of eight, in Portugal and then continued in Spain.  In 1996 I founded the Orquesta Luso-Española, which I conducted until 2006.  It was comprised of young Portuguese and Spanish musicians, all of which were students of the Badajoz' School of Music.  The orchestra had the following composition: two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, one trumpet and a number of strings. It's vast repertoire ranged from Baroque to contemporary that appealed Greatly to the community.
In July of 2011 I conducted the Cameraʇta Iberica in a concert tribute to the Portuguese poetess Glória de Sant'Anna in Ovar, Portugal.  At this tribute, there were songs and poems presented of the poet's, written for Cameraʇta Iberica .  Notably: Mar (Sea),  Mágoa (Hurt) and Asas (Wings), as well as their own arrangements of works by Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven and Bartok, written expressly for Cameraʇta Iberica.  I continue to conduct Cameraʇta Iberica  in concert.  This is a musical project to present my works and the works of my friends that I invite to compose for this ensemble.  The compositions are always unique.  It's a project that never has the same musicians or instruments.  An important factor is this always has musicians from Portugal and Spain, at least one from each country.  Cameraʇta Iberica  began in 2011 and continued for one year.  I returned in 2016 with the presentation of my Stabat Mater in Elvas,    Portugal.
As a composer I've worked with numerous concert artists such as singers Rita D'Arcangelo and Luisa Sello,  Italian flutists,  Italian soprano Maria Laura Martorana,  harpist Alexandra E. Selleri d'Italia,   I Cinque Elementi Wind Ensemble of Italy,  Galan Trio of Greece,   Cuarteto de Clarinetes Vert of Spain, soprano Ana Luisa Ramos,  Quarteto de Clarinetas Omega of Brazil,  French sopranos Sabine Steffan and Cécile Bonnet,  Eric Fraj a French popular singer, Polish soprano Anna Emanuela Politalska,  the Russian pianists Natalia Mogilevskaya, Elena Selezneva and Anna Sutyagina,  the Portuguese sopranos Mónica Pais, Marina Pacheco and Rita Moldão and others.  I wrote the first cycle of songs for soprano and a quartet of clarinets, a history of the music. The world premiere of the Four Songs for Soprano and Clarinet Quartet are dedicated to soprano María Velasco and the Clarinet Quartet Vert, songs performed by the artists themselves Saturday, November 28, 2015 in Carcaixent Valencia, Spain.  It's a cycle dedicated to Latin poetry, written in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Galician, Valencian and Brazilian.  On April the 28th, 2017, the Clarinet Quartet Vert premiered my work Carnavalescas, dedicated to the Clarinet Quartet Vert.  My work Terra De Mar (Land of Sea), which I wrote for a magnificent trio, the Galan Trio, formed by three excellent Greek musicians, Dimitra Triantafyllou, Marina Kolovou and Petros Bouras and  be a part of their new album Switch.  I composed a Trio to Mandolina, Flute and Violin for the italian trio” Fiore d’Inverno”. I collaborate with the publishing house Music Vall, Edicions Musicals C.B. of Valencia, Spain, who publishes my works.  

- Mar Falante (Por.) / La Mer Parlante  (Fr.) (Talking Sea) . . .  first cantata of the trilogy Cantoriana Maritima (Por.) / Chantorienne Maritime (Fr.), a Portuguese / French bilingual project.  Including a libretto by Inez Andrade Paes, a poetess and Portuguese writter, who tells of two sailors, Vasco da Gama and Jean-Francois de La Pérouse.  It's composed for a soprano, a female choir, a narrator, electronic mastered sounds, two saxophones, one clarinet, one horn and a piano.
Cantoriana Marítima / Chantorienne Maritime . . . a title name invented by myself, with no translation into English.  The name is based on the French word 'cantilène', meaning a short epic poem and the Portuguese word 'cantoria', means a meeting of voices singing.  It's a trilogy of cantatas, which the first is Mar Falante, the second is Transparente Luva de Água (Transparent Water Glove) and the third is Flores de Acanto em Marfileno Lençol  (Flowers of Acanthus in Ivory Sheet).

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