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Rickard is a music composer and producer, mostly working towards film and media, but has also composed contemporary orchestral music and musical theatre as well as producing pop songs. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the musical career started early with piano and violin lessons. After a short break from any musical activities, the spark was once again lit when discovering the guitar and punk rock music, this time it settled for good. He began practising daily and playing with a lot of various bands and artists alongside studying Musicology, Audio Engineering & Music Production and later studying guitar at Kulturama. Eventualy, the guitar playing was partly set aside for the interest of composing and arranging. Rickard got accepted to the acclaimed Composition Bachelor in Piteå, Sweden, where he studied under composer Jan Sandström. Immediately after finishing the studies he began his Master Degree in Film Scoring at the Royal College of Music and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Some notable works are the interactive musical "Once upon another time..." which earned Rickard the Smurfit Kappa Music Scholarship which is only awarded to one person each year, as well as the movies "Mazda", "Debut" and "Francis" which has been shown on national television as well as winning many prizes both national and international.
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