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I’m born in Shumen as Radostina Momchilova Katsarova

I graduated the Art
Class at school of Arts
‘Sava Dobroplodni’ 1996 – 2004,
in where I participated in solo and
group exhibitions. I have awards in category graphic design and poster. I have
worked as:
- artist and graphic designer bookmaker:
"Evdokia Borisova, monograph" About the three genre models in the
Bulgarian drama from the beginning of XX century "(2001), Nikolay Andriyanov"
The sonata in the first part of the instrumental concerts of Ludwig van
Beethoven. For Some Aspects of Sonatas »(2009);
- author of
trademarks for: ‘Nivo’
company, production of machines for grinding coffee; ‘Primex’, company for tire trade; ‘KMM 68’, shipbuilding, ship
repair; ‘Incoma’ Advertising Agency, Children's and Teen
Theater "BIS", to the United Children Complex - Shumen; Student
Literary Club "Sladkodumtsi",
to the same complex and others.
1999 -
2004 chorist and soloist of Choir ‘Bodra pessen’, Shumen, with conductor Prof. Veneta Vicheva, with whom I concerted
in the country and abroad (Greece, Hungary, Germany, etc.).
2001 -
2003 - classical singing training in the class of Mila Mavrova.
2003, I’m working with Maria Koroveshova-Rokas.
2004 -
2008 - student at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov
", in the class of Assoc. Prof. Maria Belcheva.
2008 -
2010 - Master in Pedagogy and Specialist at the NMA
"Prof. Pancho Vladigerov "- Sofia;
my studies I worked with Galina Apostolova in the field of chamber music with
which we concerted together in Sofia and Shumen.
2011 -
Student of singing at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, in the singing class of
Marcel Vano and Hiroko Massaki.
2013 -
2016 - Doctor of Musicology at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts -
defense of a dissertation on "Creativity of Maestro Georgi Atanasov in
Plovdiv, his role in the development of the musical genres in Plovdiv and in the region".

2009 to 2011 - artist-chorist at the
National Music Theater "Stefan Makedonski" (State Music and Ballet
Center - Sofia)
2012 - 2014 - interpreter in
Bulgarian-English-French, assistant-organizer and conference of the
International Competition for Singers "The Euterpa Rose
in Karlovo" - Bulgaria.
2013 - 2016 - full-time Ph.D. student at the
Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts - Plovdiv.
2016 - 2017 - teacher in Music
at the ‘Hristo Botev’ Primary
School, Krumovo, Rodopi Municipality.
2016 - 2017 - head of ‘Svetulka’,
community center "Nauka 1919", Krumovo village, Rodopi Municipality.

Language and Computer Competencies:

I speak fluent in French, English and Russian, I have studied Italian
and German.

I've been working with: WINDOWS 95, 98, XP,
7, 8, and 10: Word, Excel, and Power Point programs. I have experience with
Corel Draw 8, 9,10,12, Adobe Acrobat, ABBYY Fine Reader, Sibelius 7, internet and others.

Other artistic activity:
2012 – Décor-artist of  ‘Parisian Life’ Operetta (by Jacques
Offenbach) at the Poem 2 Theater - Brussels
2012 - Decorator of an exhibition of works by the famous
Belgian stained glass artist Francois Steeno in Karlovo (Bulgaria)
2001-so far - I execute orders for portraits, landscapes,
etc., at the customer's request.
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