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«The event in AVery Fischer Hall was simply mind-boggling....the choral sonorites came off impressively.»
The New York Times (2018)
«...vigorous...alert, energetic conducting...an impassioned utterance»
the new york times (2018)
«When the audience is enveloped on three sides with the enormity and depth of sound that results there is imparted an experience of transcendence, even transformation. Great performance.»
The Washington Times (2018)
2018Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, Op. 64, TH 29, E minorConductor
2018Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55, E-flat MajorConductor
2018Beethoven: Fantasia, Op. 80, C Minor (choral Fantasy)Conductor
2018Rossini: Stabat MaterConductor
2018Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55, E-flat MajorConductor
2018Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, Op. 64, TH 29, E minorConductor
2018Mozart: Symphony No. 41, K. 551, C Major (jupiter)Conductor
2018Beethoven: Fantasia, Op. 80, C Minor (choral Fantasy)Conductor
2018Mozart: Symphony No. 40, K. 550, G MinorConductor
2018Tchaikovsky: Serenade For Strings, Op. 48Conductor
2018Rossini: Stabat MaterConductor
2018Mozart: Symphony No. 41, K. 551, C Major (jupiter)Conductor
2018Rossini: Stabat MaterConductor
2018Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5, Op. 47, D MinorConductor
2018Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Op. 92, A MajorConductor
2017Verdi: RequiemConductor
2017Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (op. 35)Conductor
2017Schubert: Tantum Ergo, D. 962Conductor
2017Rossini: Stabat MaterConductor
2017Mozart: Symphony No. 40, K. 550, G MinorConductor
2017Mozart: Mass K.317, C Major (coronation)Conductor
2017Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana, IntermezzoConductor
2017Mahler: Symphony No. 1, D Major (titan)Conductor
2017Kodály: Budavári Te DeumConductor
2017Haydn: Die SchöpfungConductor
2017Fauré: Requiem, Op. 48, D MinorConductor
2017Brahms: Ave Maria, Op. 12Conductor
2017Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5, Op. 73, E-flat Major (emperor)Conductor
2017Beethoven: Ah! Perfido, Op. 65Conductor
2017Mascagni: SilvanoConductor
2016Vaughan Williams: Five Mystical SongsConductor
2016Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 1, Op. 13, G minor (Winter Dreams)Conductor
2016Tchaikovsky: Serenade For Strings, Op. 48Conductor
2016Schubert: Symphony No. 8 D. 759, B Minor (unfinished)Conductor
2016Mozart: Violin Concerto No, 3, K. 216, G MajorConductor
2016Mozart: Symphony No. 41, K. 551, C Major (jupiter)Conductor
2016Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 19, K. 459, F MajorConductor
2016Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4, Op. 90, A Major (italian)Conductor
2016Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56Conductor
2016Dvořák: Serenade For Strings, B. 52, Op. 22, E MajorConductor
2016Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 21, F MinorConductor
2016Brahms: Variations On a Theme By Haydn, Op. 56a (for Orchestra)Conductor
2016Bizet: CarmenConductor
2015Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5, Op. 47, D MinorConductor
2015Poulenc: Gloria, Fp 177Conductor
2015Mozart: Symphony No. 38, K. 504, D Major (prague)Conductor
2015Mozart: Symphony No. 29, K. 201/186a, A MajorConductor
2015Mozart: Die Zauberflöte Overture, K. 620Conductor
2015Mozart: Great Mass In C Minor, K. 427Conductor
2015Dvořák: Symphony No. 4, B. 41, Op. 13, D MinorConductor
2015Bizet: Carmen Suite No. 2Conductor
2015Bizet: Carmen Suite No. 1Conductor
2015Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4, Op. 58, G MajorConductor
2015Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Op. 68, F Major (pastorale)Conductor
2015Beethoven: Leonore Overture No. 2, Op. 72aConductor
2015Beethoven: Coriolan Overture Op. 62Conductor
2014Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2 In F MajorConductor
2014Schumann: Symphony No. 3, Op. 97, E-flat Major (rhenish)Conductor
2014Prokofiev: Romeo And Juliet Suite No. 2, Op. 64terConductor
2014Prokofiev: Romeo And Juliet Suite No. 1, Op. 64bisConductor
2014Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3, Op. 56, A Minor (scottish)Conductor
2014Mahler: Des Knaben WunderhornConductor
2014Handel: Israel In Egypt, Hwv 54Conductor
2014Copland: Appalachian SpringConductor
2014Cherubini: MédéeConductor
2013Vaughan Williams: Serenade To MusicConductor
2013Strauss R.: SalomeConductor
2013Schubert: Symphony No. 4, D. 417, C Minor (tragic)Conductor
2013Orff: Carmina BuranaConductor
2013Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 4, K. 218, D MajorConductor
2013Mozart: Symphony No. 16, K. 128, C MajorConductor
2013Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 17, K. 453, G MajorConductor
2013Mozart: Divertimento, K. 136Conductor
2013Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 64, E MinorConductor
2013Mahler: Symphony No. 4, G MajorConductor
2013Liszt: Dante Symphony, S. 109Conductor
2013Haydn: Mass No. 10 Hob. Xxii/9, C Major (mass In Time Of War)Conductor
2013Dvořák: The Water Goblin, B. 195, Op. 107Conductor
2013Dvořák: Te Deum, B. 176, Op. 103Conductor
2013Dvořák: Symphony No. 7, B. 141, Op. 70, D MinorConductor
2013Bruch: Violin Concerto No.1 In G MinorConductor
2013Bruckner: Psalm 150, Wab 38, C MajorConductor
2013Beethoven: Egmont Overture, Op. 84Conductor
2013Beethoven: Leonore Overture No. 3, Op. 72bConductor
2013Ravel: La ValseConductor
2013Rossini: Il Barbiere Di SivigliaConductor
2013Mozart: Die ZauberflöteConductor
2012Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6, Op. 74, TH 30, B minor (Pathétique)Conductor
2012Schubert: Symphony No. 5, D. 485, B-flat MajorConductor
2012Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro Overture, K. 492Conductor
2012Mozart: Serenade No. 13, K. 525, G Major (eine Kleine Nachtmusik)Conductor
2012Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364/320d, E-flat MajorConductor
2012Haydn: Symphony No. 43, E-flat Major (mercury)Conductor
2012Dvořák: Scherzo Capriccioso, B. 131, Op. 66Conductor
2012Brahms: Symphony No. 3, Op. 90, F MajorConductor
2012Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, Op. 67, C Minor (fate)Conductor
2012Arriaga: Los Esclavos Felices, OvertureConductor
2012Mascagni: ZanettoConductor
2011Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1, Op. 10, F MinorConductor
2011Mozart: RequiemConductor


Greek American conductor, music director, and producer Peter Tiboris has enjoyed a worldwide career for more than forty years of which the past thirty have been in New York City as founder and artistic director of MidAmerica Productions, which has produced concerts in Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall (now called David Geffen Hall), and Alice Tully Hall in New York; the Festival of the Aegean in Syros, Greece; performances series in Vienna, Austria, and Florence, Italy; and concerts throughout Europe and the U.S. Maestro Tiboris is also the founder of the Manhattan Philharmonic, Elysium Recordings, and most recently, MidAm International.
Since 1983 in New York City, he has presented more than 1300 concerts worldwide, 1000 in New York, and more than 550 on the main stage of
Carnegie Hall, and conducted many of them. He is also Music Director of the Pan-European Philharmonia, in Warsaw, Poland, and Principal Guest Conductor of Collegium Symphonium Veneto in Padua, Italy. He made his European conducting debut on July 1, 1983, in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, with the Moscow Philharmonia as part of the Dubrovnik Festival; and his New York conducting debut on January 7, 1984, with the American Symphony Orchestra at Lincoln Center.
He has conducted in 24 countries, among them Mexico; Russia, in St. Petersburg and Moscow at Column Hall, Tchaikovsky Hall, and Shostakovich Hall; Great Britain, in London at the Barbican and Royal Festival Hall; Austria, at Vienna’s Konzerthaus; Poland, in 11 different cities including Warsaw; Czech Republic, in Prague's Rudolfinium and Smetana Hall with Virtuosi di Praga and the North Czech Philharmonic; Italy, at Teatro di Roma, Teatro Filarmonica di Verona, Regio di Parma, and 20 other locations; Portugal; Turkey; and Egypt, at Cairo’s National Opera House. Among the distinguished orchestras he has conducted are the Royal Philharmonic, London Philharmonia, Oxford's Philomusica, Niedersächsische Orchester Hannover, the Prague and Brno philharmonics, National Opera Orchestra of Cairo, American Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Société Philharmonique de Montréal, Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Le-Zion, Orchestra del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, and Orchestra di Siciliana di Palermo. In March 2016, he made his Asian conducting debut with the Macau Symphony Orchestra and Taipei Philharmonic Chorus in Macau, China. Maestro Tiboris has conducted nearly every major choral work as well as countless symphonic works, selected operas, and ballet.
On his Carnegie Hall series, he has showcased hundreds of guest conductors and thousands of visiting ensembles who have come from throughout the world. As a conductor on his series, he has presented hundreds of works with numerous and significant world and American premieres, including works by Rossini, Mozart, Beethoven/Mahler, Taneyev, Cherubini, and Theodorakis. The concerts have been hailed by The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, and The New Yorker. 
He is also responsible for the founding and development of Elysium Recordings which has released 30 recordings of which he can be heard on 10 of those. Most recordings in the Elysium catalog are premiere and first-time commercial releases.
He created the International Festival of the Aegean on the idyllic island of Syros, in the Aegean, Cyclades, Greece in 2005. Each July he presents performances of opera, oratorios, concerti, symphonic works, Greek folk music, jazz, theater, and ballet – all on an international scale. 2018 marks the 14th Festival of the Aegean. The central venue of the festival is the historic Apollo Theater, also known as “la piccola Scala” because it is a 400-seat replica of Milan's world-renowned Teatro alla Scala. The theater was built by resident Italians in 1864.
In 2013, he founded MidAm International, Inc. as a producer of concerts in Europe. Since then, MidAm International has presented concerts in Paris, Vienna, Florence, and Syros, with concerts slated in 2019 for Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Lisbon, Porto, Florence, Prague, Berlin, and Syros. 
Peter Tiboris studied music at the University of Wisconsin and received a doctorate from the University of Illinois, but he credits his move to New York City 30 years ago as the most important event in his musical and professional life.
He is married to soprano Eilana Lappalainen, and they reside in Germany, Greece, and the U.S.

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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Jump-in ready? Company Year
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, Op. 64, TH 29, E minor Immediately 2018
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55, E-flat Major Immediately 2018
Beethoven: Fantasia, Op. 80, C Minor (choral Fantasy) Immediately 2018
Rossini: Stabat Mater Église Saint-Baptiste 2018
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55, E-flat Major Chopin Conservatory and Theatre 2018