Pablo Amorós

Pablo Amorós


Temperamental, elegant and charismatic Spanish pianist
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Temperamental, elegant and charismatic Spanish pianist from Cordoba (Andalusia). The enormous power of communication of his performance catches the listener' attention immediately, leading him to discover his profound cretive sensitivity.   The astonishing originality of his artistic renderings emerges from an incessant interest in exploring the piano repertoire, ranging from Bach and Mozart, through Brahms, Schumann and Rachmaninov, to Spanish contemporary music. In his programs he always looks for a connection between classic and contemporary works, developing a discourse of interrelation.   For Amoros, the contemporary music is a field of creativity and freedom. He can feel the composers speaking directly to him and he understands them in a language particularly related to his sensitivity. Therefore, his performances of contemporary music are irresistibly spontaneous and uninhibited.   It has recently been released his first CD for the NAXOS label, a world premiere recording of the complete piano works of the composer Leonardo Balada, one of which ("Mini- miniatures") is dedicated to Pablo Amoros.     At present, he prepares with the composer his complete work for piano and orchestra. Among other projects, he hopes to premiere soon a new piano concerto of Leonardo Balada.   Moreover, his emotional, communicative and virile
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