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Talent discovery takes time. It demands access to and information about potential talents. The future of talent discovery is about accessibility, simplicity and highly accurate search results.

The new generation discovery and booking tool is carefully organizing professional and vetted artists in a single database. Each artist profile can be viewed and shared, and the artist can be reached for online availability and audition requests. All in order to improve response time, relevance and efficient process.

Creating and joining private talent discovery networks is a new way of networking with advisers and trusted colleges.

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The time-consuming process of planning a production is finally made easier, faster and more organized.

The Planning tool provides you with five simple steps:

  • Casting tool
  • One-click artist availability requests
  • Choose and set your cast (Booking)
  • Foresee artist replacement difficulty
  • Plan casts for Last-minute Jump-In or find replacements on-demand
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Build a network

Networking is important in any business or industry. It is especially crucial for professionals in Opera and Classical music to discover and expand their knowledge about the available artists and the new talents coming up. offers the opportunity to build a network of people you trust and whose opinion and advice you value when needed.

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The Audition Tool is designed to plan and organize an audition and to collaborate with everyone involved in the casting.

Our tool provides you with an invitation and sign-up flow and a preselection workflow. We provide you with features to invite advisers to come up with suggestions so you have everything in one place.

During the audition, your jury can take notes, both shared and private. They can use a star system to rate the artists and finally share them with the rest of the jury.

When the final decision has been made you can reserve or book artists directly via our system either through an agent representing the artist or via Truelinked.

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Last minute replacements

The Jump-In features make it possible to be well prepared. This is especially important when you deal with rare repertoire or very specialized artists. Our jump-in system helps you to find jump-in ready candidates in advance and to decide to have a cover cast ready “in the wings” if necessary. You can select a fixed budget beforehand if you wish so you don’t have to feel the pressure and normal financial consequences of booking last minute.

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