Nina Clausen

Nina Clausen

Lyric Coloratura Soprano

"I wish to reach other peoples hearts. To me, singing is the strongest way of communicating"
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2016Møller: StøvThe Moon
2016Møller: StøvThe Moon
2015Janáček: JenůfaJano


&ldquoNina Sveistrup Clausen represents the exquisite balance of both technique and theatricality. Her beautiful and carefully crafted voice displays every colour in sensuous detail. Her versatile and expressive voice is equally suitable for Mozart, Bellini, Verdi and so many other composers. Her superb ability to interpret repertoire is complex and deeply emotional while maintaining impeccable intonation, clarity of voice and expression. Aside from her immaculate highly-charged coloratura and phrasing, Nina is capable of summoning absolutely world-class pianissimi which cannot be compared.” – Ken Querns Langley from Bel Canto Vocal Studio, London 2015. “This blonde beauty is sitting crouched in her tower, where she reveals the dark sound of her soprano voice – a sound of pain and savagery that matches perfectly with the pounding anger of the music. She sings strongest in the song Comfort, where she tells about being trafficked and being locked up and raped by soldiers. Can this kind of abuse become beautiful poetry, one might ask. But yes. It can. When Nina Sveistrup Clausen sings ”Comfort they called it comfort, I gave them comfort” her voice is so painfully gloomy that beauty is sputtering sparks in the darkness.” – From review of STØV by Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information March 2016 Nina Sveistrup Clausen is a Danish coloratura soprano educated in Berlin, London and in Odense (DK). She holds an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma: Soloist, from Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Southern Denmark. Finalist og Fulham Opera Verdi Prize in London 2015. Nina is currently the leading singer of the Reumert Award Nominated dystopian puppet-opera “STØV” (Dust), première in spring 2016. She also has the main female part in "Cabaret Fantastique" that is going to play at the Copenhagen Opera Festival August 2016. Nina made her debut as "Jano" in Jenufa at the National Opera in Århus, Denmark in 2015. Both director and conductor were very pleased with her work and encourages her career. She  was headhunted to her first opera roles during her studies. The parts were as Vivian and Claudia in a new opera named "Elleve Minutter" at Den Fynske Opera (The Funen Opera) 2010. Outstanding musicality has always characterized Nina as a singer. It is no surprise that she also composes music in her spare time. Nina is invited as one of 12 singers to sing in the final of Fulham Opera Verdi Prize in London September 27th 2015. See repertoire, videos, blog and  more at   
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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Role Jump-in ready? Company Year
Møller: Støv The Moon Immediately Helsingør Teater 2016
Møller: Støv The Moon Copenhagen Opera Festival 2016
Janáček: Jenůfa Jano Immediately Danish National Opera (Den Jyske Opera) 2015