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Born in Zagreb in 1995 , Martina Jembrišak, has been playing accordion since the age of seven when she started her music education at the "Elly Bašić" Music School with professor Mirela Buchberger Karlo and professor Ivan Kuruc. She enroled her bacherlor accordion studies at the age of seventeen at the Music academy in Pula in the class of professor Dražen Košmerl and professor Amadej Herzog. During her studies she took part in Erasmus+ programme in a class of professor Milan Osadsky at Music academy in Bratislava,and Music academy "Stanisław Moniouzsko" in Gdansk in a class of professor Elzbieta Rosinska. Currrently she is a student of master studies at Music academy "Frederic Chopin" in Warsaw in a class of professor Klaudiusz Baran.

During her studies she participate at noumerous competitions where she won following prizes: 2. Croatian competition in Daruvar, won place and 1.award
3. Croatian competition in Daruvar, won award
21.Festa Internazionale della Fisarmonica -Erbezzo, won award and place
"Be the one" Ljubljana, won and concert with Radio television Slovenia symphony orchestra
Past in the final of Croatian classical music Eurovision competition
5. Croatian competition in Daruvar, won award
Akkordeon art Istočno Sarajevo, won award
Lions Grand Prix Rijeka ,2015., won special award,concert with quartet Rucner
2. Bistrički zvukolik, won award,3.rd place
40. "Citta di Castelfidardo", won place "Kaunas Sonorum" , won 2.nd place
Lions Grand Prix Rijeka, 2016., won 3.rd place
international competition in Pula,2016., won 2.nd award and award for best performed Croatian composer piece in all categories
Ibla Grand Prize,2016., Distinguished musician prize and Meisl Special Mention
Vienna VAMO competition,2017.,won
National competition in Kremnice,Slovakia 2017, won
6. competition mo.Vinko Lesić in Split,2017.,won
Kaunas Sonorum 2017, Lithuania, won the 1. place

She took part in chamber music competitions:
Imagine Festival Croatia , Zagreb, trio Carpe Diem, won place
Glazbom reci stop maltretiranju radio Antena Zagreb,trio Carpe Diem, won 1st place
7.International competition in Slavonski Brod, quartet Unique, won 1st place and award for best chamber music ansamble in all categories
International accordion competition in Vilnius, 2017., Duo Ars, place

She performed with symphony orchestra Radio television Slovenia with conductors Yi Chen Lin and En Shao, Croatian National Television symphnoy orchestra with conductor Alan Bjelinski,string quartet Rucner and in duet with Snježana Rucner.

Currently she is member of accordion duo Ars in wich she premiered pieces written by Nickos Harizanos, Dražan Kosorić, Shigeru Kan-no, Vladimir Gorup and Luca Vanneschi. As a duo they have got concerts in Castle Sierakowski in Poland, Music academy in Gdansk,Pula and Bratislava, Museum of contemporary Art in Zagreb, Concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski, Museum Mimara.

She is given recognition by Dean and Rector of University of Pula for successes and promotion of University in the world.

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1 place, kaunas sonorum international MUSic competition
1 place, vinko lesić award for best croatian musician
1 place, Vienna VAMö accordion competition
1 Award, International accordion competition in pula
1 place, National competition in kremnice, slovakia
Most distinguished musician prize and jan Meisl special mention, ibla grand prize competition
2 Award And award for Best performed piece written by croatian composer, international ACCORdion comprtition in pula