Maja Maletkovic

Maja Maletkovic

Stage Director

...Creator of intricate worlds.
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«,,THIS YOUNG DIRECTOR HAS STAGED the best performance of Yugoslav Dramatic theater, not only in this season'»
DANAS newspaper, MAY 2016 (2016)
«Not often one sees a piece so complete, made by a young maker»
Belgrade Edt Culture, May 2016 (2016)
«The charm of innocence»
Politika, DECEMBER 2014 (2016)


Maja Maletkovic is a stage director from Belgrade, Serbia. Has worked on both dramatic theater performances (Accidental death of an Anarchist, Volvo trucks, Rabbits are fast food etc. ) and in musical theater (What the fuck are we doing here?, Mr Dollar etc.). Her directorial aesthetics are influenced by the choreo-dramatic practice (she was a participant of the forth edition of Kinitiras choreography Lab in Athens and has a background in contemporary dance). She has an strong interest in new writing and contemporary music and opera. She was the assistant director of the Opera studio - a collaboration of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and The Faculty of Music Arts, in Belgrade (2014). Her work so far has placed her on the top of the young directors of the Balkan region, with more success to follow.
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