Kreeta-julia Heikkilä

Kreeta-julia Heikkilä


Award winning Finnish violinist / Concertmaster in DNCO
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&ldquoKreeta-Julia Heikkilä, through means of her technical ability and passionate playing, proved why she is one of the most interesting Finnish violinists of our time.”  (Huvudstadsbladet 10.6.2014) "Based on folk exhibits, Bartok Violin Concerto (..) is certainly difficult to play for the soloist. But Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä had no problems. From the beginning to the end she was playing the solo passages on brilliant and dissonance rich manner." (Borgåbladet 18.9.2013) "Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä dazzled in Barotok's 2nd Violin Concerto. The music was strongly influenced from folk music and the violin part is extremely virtuosic and demanding, rapidly changing tempos and moods lead to the extreme. A stunning performance!" (Itä-Savo 27.7.2013) "..or Vivaldi’s concerto for two violins Op.3 No.2, as concert masters Julie Eskær and Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä tensed up between madness and violent theatrical pauses of heartfelt thoughtfulness.” (Politiken 16.6.2013) Toivo Kuula with all the trimmings: Duo Teos performed Kuula's fervently pathetic melodies and melancholic folk arrangements with great consideration, empathy and passion. The striking harmony charmed the experience into a real “art explosion”. (Satakunnan Kansa 29.8.2014) "This is a piece that gets even more seasoned professionals to sweat, but the youthful SE quartet was not to be affected thereby, but outperformed with the Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä ‘s shimmering clear violin tone as the leading star in an impressive Messiaen interpretation." (Huvudstadsbladet 23.12.2012) "The orchestra's own concertmaster corresponded for a suggestive and pure interpretation of Beethoven's violin concerto. Her smooth tone sparkled in height and was balm to the ear. In addition a great tribute to both soloist and conductor for a lyrical and seamless interaction with wide dynamic scale, ranging from tonal depth nerve to sweet, bright luster." (Vasabladet 16.9.2012) "And Heikkilä's Stradivarius sang deep, under the skin." (Pohjalainen 14.9.2012) "Violinist used a lot of different shades of color and the playing was easy and not all virtuosity blasting but the pianissimos was played in singing lines and symphonic unity." (Helsingin Sanomat 23.10.2011) "Kreeta-Julia Heikkiläs Stradivari sparkled in a singing manner and played delicately with the rythm." (Helsingin Sanomat 23.10.2011) "Heikkilä and Gröndahl plunged in to the abundant and wide stream of melody, which had a compelling impact." (Helsingin Sanomat, 26.10.2010) "Heikkilä played Sibelius' Violin Concerto showing insightfulness in cantilene. She honoured the opening theme which is one of the major themes in concerto works." (Savon Sanomat 11.1.2010) "Heikkilä is a confident musician and the violin played beautifully cantilene." (Helsingin Sanomat, 7.12.2008) "A lyrical talented violinist!" Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä served as a concertmaster of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and Vaasa City Orchestra in Finland. During this season she was guest concertmaster and a leader of London BBC Symphony Orchestra and Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra. Beginning in August 2015, Ms. Heikkilä will assume the concertmaster post of the Oulu Symphony Orchestra in Finland. As a soloist, Heikkilä has played with orchestras and given concerts as a soloist and chamber musician across Europe, South-Korea, USA and Russia. In recent years, she has performed at many leading festivals: the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, KuruFest, the Helsinki Festival, the Riga New Music Festival, the Classica NordicBaltic Conference in Latvia, the Ecuentro de Musica de Santander in Spain, the iPalpiti Festival of International Laureates in Los Angeles, the Gumi International Music Festival in Korea, the Music Alp Music Weeks in France, the Harmos Festival in Portugal and the Lake District Summer Music Festival in the UK. She has been a prizewinner at numerous national and international competitions as well as winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious Pro Musica and Nordea Awards. Kreeta-Julia is also an artistic director, founder and a violinist in TEOS - Finnish Chamber Music Series in Helsinki and is currently a violinist in the Copenhagen-based Trio Nord (Jacob Shaw, cello and Kristoffer Nyholm Hyldig, piano). With the Finnish pianist Roope Gröndahl (Duo Teos) she has played concerts in Finland and abroad, concentrating in the repertoire of Finnish chamber music for violin and piano. Kreeta-Julia graduated with distinction from the London Royal College of Music in 2012 and from the Sibelius Academy in 2015, where she studied under Jan Repko, Tuomas Haapanen, Mi-Kuyng Lee and Päivyt Meller. Heikkilä plays an Andrea Guarneri (1680), kindly on loan from The Finnish Cultural Foundation.
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