Klaus Miehling

Klaus Miehling


Composer, Musicologist, Harpsichord Player
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Klaus Miehling was born in 1963 and received a diploma in early music (harpsichord) in 1988 from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. In 1993 he earned his doctorate in musicology, art history and auxiliary sciences of history from the University of Freiburg.   He is the author of Das Tempo in der Musik von Barock und Vorklassik (Wilhelmshaven 1993, 3. edition 2003), Handbuch der frühneuenglischen Aussprache für Musiker (Hildesheim 2002) and Gewaltmusik - Musikgewalt (Würzburg 2006 - abridged and updated as Gewaltmusik. Populäre Musik und Werteverfall and Lautsprecher aus! Zwangsbeschallung contra akustische Selbstbestimmung, Berlin 2010) as well as of numerous essays mostly on historical performance practice.   His work list contains presently (February 2016) 250 compositions, vocal and instrumental, for historical as well as for modern instruments. So far he was a finalist or prize winner in eight composition contests in Belgium, Italy, the USA, Germany and Great Britain. Miehlings works have been published by the Goldbach-Verlag St. Ingbert, the Tonger-Verlag Köln, the Moeck-Verlag Celle, www.lulu.com, www.musicalion.com and www.musicaneo.com. Most of his compositions with recorders are available at the Flautando Manuskriptearchiv (www.schunder.de). Klaus Miehling lives as a freelance musician and musicologist in Freiburg/Germany.
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