Julia Kulmann

Julia Kulmann


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«'During the rehearsal process, i realized that i was in a company of an artist with impeccable technical schooling and utmost aesthetic criteria. she absorbed with ease each and every musical style, and adapted immediately to the demands of every work.'»
#jannisGeorgiadis (2017)
«'Julia had been my student for 3 years as master and she turned out to be a person deeply fascinated by music , with her own extraordinary way of perception of the scores. she is definitely up to no good in terms of conservative school-generating new ideas and concepts all the time , making experiments with sound and interpretation .i must admit that whatever julia does on stage she leaves no chance to be bored for her audience ( and teachers).»


 Laureate of multiple international competitions & bright representative of Russian Piano School keeps up with the foundations of Lev Oborin , Yakov Flier & T.P. Nikolaeva's legacy , Inheriting unique knowledge due to her teachers -N.S. Gavrilova & V.I. Lyadov ( Moscow). Now leads active concert activity in Russia and abroad . Played in the prestigious halls like Tchaykovsky Concert hall, Moscow International Music Hall, Onassis Foundation hall & Megaron in Athens, Sony Auditorium in Madrid, Teatro Auditorium Unical ( Rossano),Theatre Debussy in Cannes, la Salle des Etoiles du Sporting (Monte-Carlo), Orangerie Schloss in Berlin, etc.

   Miss Yamaha , WHD bursar , Casio promo-artist & concert pianist at Berliner Residenz Orchester at the moment.

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