Jorge Retamoza

Jorge Retamoza


Contemporary Tango
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«Really I was fascinated by Jorge Retamoza baritone saxophone playing. His compositions are very interesting also "»
«Retamoza excellent, almost expressionist Piazzolla»
Ricardo Salton- ämbito Financiero (2018)
«Retamoza continues to show his great capacity as an ambassador of Buenos Aires sound through an instrument that, little by little, finds its place in tango.»
Carlos Salatino - Tiempo Argentino (2018)


For more than twenty years, Jorge Retamoza has developed the vocabulary of tango from his sax, the elements of tango and jazz gestures are mixed, creating an unprecedented and sometimes overwhelming sonority. Retamoza begins in the middle 90s the project of working about tango through jazz gestures and academic procedures. With several CDs published as a leader, this saxophonist and composer show us possible ways of tango music in the XXI century, developing the concept of strictly written compositions, like in a chamber group, adding to the improvisation with tango vocabulary as a central element that defines the original profile of the project.
Jorge Retamoza puts us in contact with a unique performance of Buenos Aires music, a music that reflects the city and the local colors but at the same time, it is crossed by the experience that he has obtained playing styles like tango, jazz and classical music. He has played as a soloist or with his group in front of important symphonic orchestras of Argentina and abroad, developing a repertory of original music such as his concert for Tenor Sax, Bandoneon and Symphonic Band or his Concertango for Baritone Sax and Orchestra, awarded by the Argentine National Fund of the Arts in 2016, among other works. In a permanent search to expand the possibilities of his instrument inside tango’s language, his work with symphonic bands or orchestras, chamber ensembles, big bands, as well as the arrangements for sax quartets have an important place in the artistic activity of the saxophonist. He is the first Argentine saxophonist in recording Astor Piazzolla's Six Tango Etudes, arranging these Etudes for alto sax and chamber orchestra.

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