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Conductor, composer and arranger, JOÃO CARLOS ROCHA, has being working with orchestras from Brazil, Italy and Germany and has received national and international prizes. Even as an undergraduate student was the winner of the "Eleazar de Carvalho's" prize for young conductors an soloists in its regional and national stages - currently the only brazilians conductors competition.  As composer received the honor prize in the "Brazilian's Musical Panorama"/Rio de Janeiro (BRA) with his "Deliriamentos...", as well as in the "Maurice Ravel Composition's Competition"/ Bergamo (ITA) with his "Post Mortem", both for symphony orchestra. After receiving the Bachelor degree in the UNICAMPS' Arts Institute Conducting Program and being approved to initiate the Master program in this institution under the orientation of the Fullbright Scholar, PhD maestro Eduardo Ostergren (USA/Brazil), ROCHA was the only conductor selected for the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship and decided to live in Germany studying under the orientation of Prof Dr. Christian Göckeritz (GER) in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock. ROCHA studied and had master classes with the conductors Marin ALSOP (USA), Nicolas PASQUET (Uruguay/Germany), Neil THOMSON (England), Daisuske SOGA (Japan), Christopher ZIMMERMAN (England/USA),  Mauro LAMBERTO (Italy), Isaac KARABTCHEVSKY (Brazil), Roberto TIBIRIÇÁ (Brazil), Fabio MECHETTI (Brazil), Abel ROCHA (Brazil) among others. ROCHA performed in front of prestigious symphony groups as the Europäische Akademie für Musik Montepulciano Orchester, Minas Gerais and Goias Philhamonie Orchestras, São Paulo University's Symphony Orchestra (OSUSP), State of São Paulo's Young Orchestra, HMT Rostock Studenten Orchester, etc. Despite the lack of opportunities for young conductors to be in front of orchestral groups over their development process, ROCHA also performed several times as the principal student assistant conductor of the UNICAMP's Arts Institute Academic Orchestra having being selected to be part of the Teaching Support Program (PAD) of that institution. In the same way was officially the assistant conductor of the Sorocaba Symphony Orchestra, attending to the invitation of his teacher.   As a composer, has been, since 2006, under orientations of GILBERTO MENDES, one of the brazilians great name of contemporary music. After the premiere of his symphonic works, "The Santos' Beach Gardens" and "Ewa", ROCHA, has having intense activities in several new projects. The highlights are the record of his "Nagare" for piano solo by the pianist ANTONIO EDUARDO in the CD "PORTO: MUSIC THAT CAME OUT OF SANTOS ", as well as the well acclaimed premiere of his "KIZOMBA - SYMHONIC DANCES". For 2015 ROCHA is working in his first opera, "Margot".    
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