Joana Boechat

Joana Boechat


innovating and connecting through classical music
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Playing piano since the age of 4, her passion is innovating with classical music. She believes concerts should be experimented in many different ways (not just with the ears), expanding the possibilities for the audience to feel the same spark she feels when she sees an amazing work of art. 

One of her projects is Duo Lumia, not an ordinary classical music duo. Together with visual artist Henrique Roscoe, they present audiovisual concerts in which the repertoire of Debussy, Scriabin and Pärt interacts with exquisite moving graphs and electronic sounds, all performed live on stage. The result is an integrated and immersive performance that causes a sweeping effect. They have presented in festivals such as Digital Art Biennial and MARTE.

Joana also believes that music is a powerful instrument of connection and for that she created Grupo Quinto, together with other pianists from Brazil. They develop projects using piano and other forms of art such as gastronomy, theater and visual arts for different audiences, like concerts for babies, children and adults.

Joana has presented in great festivals in Brazil as soloist and chamber music instrumentalist, such as MIMO and Virada Cultural de São Paulo.

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