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«on his debute ALBUM Lit Scenes, Passenier PERSONABLY CRYSTALLISED his crossover vision»
Zuiderlucht (2018)


Jesse Passenier is the winner of the Rogier van Otterloo Award 2017, acknowledging his success in bringing together musical genres in cross-overs, leading his own orchestra and celebrating his skill in orchestral writing. Since 2016 three of his new projects are funded by the New Makers Regulation of the Performing Art Fund NL (FPK). In that same year, Passenier founded his new orchestra, called the Fluid Orchestra.

In 2018 he published his debute Fluid Orchestra album, called Lit Scenes, with Odradek Records, featuring Dudok Quartet Amsterdam as part of the Fluid Orchestra. 

Passenier is a composer, arranger, conductor, pianist, drummer and vibraphonist. In 2013 Jesse concluded his Composing and Arranging Master of Music degree with distinction at the Music Academy of Maastricht, studying with Wolfgang Braun (DE), Michael Abene (USA), Wieland Reißmann (DE) and Henk Meutgeert (NL), and had masterclasses with Vince Mendoza (USA). Now he is an educator at the Music Academy of Maastricht himself.

Already in 2010, he was ‘Young Composer in Residence’ at the MECC Jazz Festival in Maastricht, and in 2011 he was one of the four laureates of the International Composition Contest of the famous Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO ICC 2011). In the same year, he also founded his own Broad Music Orchestra (predecessor of the Fluid Ochestra) and wrote his first own project for it, called “Nos Pères”.

In 2012, he was accepted into the prestigious ‘Metropole Orchestra Arrangers Workshop’, for which he wrote arrangements for the world famous Metropole Orchestra and legendary jazz vocalist Kurt Elling. Ever since, Passenier has been writing a great deal. Frequently for the Metropole Orchestra (he did over 70 arrangements) and he composed, arranged or orchestrated for the Heritage Orchestra, the Dutch Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Band of the Dutch Navy, the Dutch Wind Ensemble, the South Netherlands Philharmonic, the Clazz Ensemble, the North Pole Orchestra, L’orchestra Particolare, the Ricciotti Ensemble, the Rosa Ensemble, the Lunar Orchestra, Ensemble 88 and for his own formations in a great variety of styles, from classical to jazz, pop and rock.

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Rogier van Otterloo Award
laureate brussels jazz orchestra international composition contest
PARTICIPANT Metropole Orchestra Arrangers Workshop