Jacaranda Ensemble

Jacaranda Ensemble

Chamber ensemble

music for Alpenhorn, Didgeridoo, Saxophon and Percussion
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JACARANDA – a unique German instrumental ensemble has emerged under the melodious name of a South American tree.
This ensemble has an exotic range of instruments at its disposal including the alpenhorn, French horn, didgeridoo, saxophone, marimba, xylophone, congas, djembes as well as many other unknown instruments.
The musicians have a vision: They want to weave an artistic mesh of classical, blues, folk and jazz with composed and improvised music
The five musicians, all members of the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra have built their own musical universe which is a unique genre all of its own.
And no sooner than you think that you have grasped the musicological origin and spirit of the music, the next sequence will arouse a whole new range of emotions and impressions. There is a system to this, which comes from the alert association the well travelled ensemble has made from intercultural experiences.
Jacaranda takes tones and transforms these into motives, these motives are then turned into melodies and the result is creations that are sometimes cheerful or morose, sometimes lively, dreamy or are stirringly impulsive. A love song and a flourish of trumpets, ecstatic dance and meditative dissolving devotion, all embedded in a percussion sound tapestry of full colour depth with the backdrop of the deep base tones of alpenhorns.
By playing with the diverse exoticisms of this world, Jacaranda creates an innovative form of music, which today is often classified as world music.
The individual titles emphatically illustrate this:
For example in the piece "Dervish," the saxophone blows sonically somewhere between the shawm and the Turkish oboe, over rhythmic cymbal waves, accompanied by the alphenhorn and the harp.
In "Color of Earth," the incredible drone and swooshing of the Australian didgeridoo is embedded in the glowing static of the African rhythms of marimbas and congas. Above this you can hear the alpenhorn and saxophone with their yearnful melody.
"Imagination" guides you into a meditative and fantastical world of sounds that forms a metallic, finely chiseled relief of sound.
In the ecstatic "Play of Fire" the saxophone in dialogue with the marimba causes an explosion with furious jazz breaks.

We see it as our task to unite different kinds of musical genre in our concerts.
We want to loosen, if not completely break the constraints of musical classification.
We soak up the musical details of the sounds of this world and then play with these. It is of course particularly exciting for us to perform our music in the countries where are inspiration originated.
The fascination of our sounds and melodies reaches out to all generations; it combines classic music with jazz, makes practiced ears listen and unites both rock and folk music followers.
Feelings, emotions and timeless and endless moments of experience are what we touch upon. We communicate in the oldest language of the universe, in the unaffected musical expression of "Esperanto." It is safe to say that we contribute something new, exciting and undiscovered to the personal musical experience of every listener.
This is how we with pleasure can explain the vast national and international enthusiasm for the music of the JACARANDA ENSEMBLE.

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