Iustinian Zetea

Iustinian Zetea

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2017Verdi: Un ballo in mascheraSamuel (count Ribbing)
2017Mozart: RequiemBass
2017Mozart: RequiemBass
2017Mozart: RequiemBass
2017Bach J.S.: Weihnachtsoratorium, BWV 248 (Christmas Oratorio)Bass
2016Mozart: RequiemBass
2016Verdi: RequiemBass
2016Mozart: RequiemBass
2016Rossini: Stabat MaterBass
2016Wagner: Parsifal2r Ritter
2016Rossini: Stabat MaterBass
2016Mozart: Cosi fan tutteDon Alfonso
2016Donizetti: Don PasqualeDon Pasquale
2016Haydn: Die SchöpfungRaphael; Adam
2016Rossini: Il Barbiere di SivigliaDon Basilio
2015Mozart: Don GiovanniMasetto
2015Verdi: FalstaffPistola
2015Bruckner: Mass No. 3 WAB 28, F minor (Great)Bass
2015Schubert: Mass No. 5 D. 678, A-flat majorBass
2014Puccini: ToscaA Sacristan
2013Verdi: OtelloMontano
2013Verdi: OtelloLodovico
2013Verdi: RigolettoCount Monterone
2012Verdi: Un ballo in mascheraTom (count Horn)


Born- on the 4th of January 1986   City Turda, county Cluj, Romania.Age: 31Studies:- Phd. student in 3rd year at the National University of Music of Bucharest, under the supervision of phd. prof. Valentina Sandu-Dediu- Masters graduate at the National University of Music of Bucharest, the singing class of phd. prof. Ionel Voineag (2011).-Graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest (2009).-Graduate of thr Highschool of Arts from Baia Mare (2005).-Vocal development lessons with the renowned romanian baritone Vasile Martinoiu (2012-present)Masterclass with renowned american bass Eric Halfvarsonm (2016)- Marterclass with renowned soprano Mariana Nicolesco , (2016)-Masterclass with renowned soprano Marina Krilovici (2014)-Masterclass with professor Maria Diaconu from Conservatoire Superieur de Musique De Geneve. (2013)-Mastercalss with renowned conductor Christian Badea (2009) Prizes:- First Prize at the National Romanian Lied Competition, Bucharest (2016),- Prize Of Excellence for best performance of an aria by a German composer at The International Voice Competition "Le Grand Prix de l ' Opéra" (2015)-Special prize at the International Singing Competition ˶ Hariclea Darclée ̋ , Brăila (2015)-Grand prize at „Ionel Perlea” National Lied Competition, Slobozia (2014)-First prize at National Singing Competition „Nihail Jora” (2014)-Special prize at „Alexandru Fărcaș” International Singing Competition, Arad (2014)-Firs prize at International Singing Competition „Sabin V. Drăgoi ”, Timișoara (2013)-Excelence prize at the International Singing Competition ˶ Hariclea Darclée ̋ , Brăila (2012)-Special prise of the Galați Musical Theatre at the International Singing Competition „Vox Artis ”  Sibiu (2012)-Special Jury' s prise at the National Lied Competition, Brașov (2011)-Frist Prize at the Singing  Competition ˶ The path to celebrity ̋ organised  by the Cultural Center ˶ Brancoveanu Palases ̋  Bucharest (2010)-First prize at the operetta and musical singing competition Trophy ˮIon Dacianˮ organized during the International Festival of Musical Performing Arts ˮLife is Beautifulˮ in Bucharest.(2009)-Second prize at the National competition ˮMihail Joraˮ Bucharest (2008)-Special prize ˮGarbis Zobianˮ at the National competition ˮMihail Joraˮ Bucharest (2006)-First prize at the International French Music competition organized during the Francophone Festival, in Baia Mare.(2005)-Mention from the ˮEuro Artˮ Cultural Fundation competition from Baia Mare (2005).- Finalist at the International competition ˶ Magda Ianculescu ̋  and  ˶ Arta Florescu ̋ Bucharest ( 2009/ 2010 )Artistic activity: - Permanent guest of the Bucharest National Opera.(2013- present)- Collaborator of the Bucharest National Opera (2011/2012/2013)- Collaboations with „Nae Leonard” Musiccal Theatre Galați, (2015/2016)- Collaboations with the Brașov National Opera (2012/2013)- Collaboations with conductors such as Keri-Lynn Wilson, Guillermo García Calvo, Koichi Inoue, Tiberiu Soare, Cristian Mandeal, Horia Andreescu, Ludovic Bacs, Theo Wolters, Maximianno Cobra, Roberto Salvalaio, Victor Dumănescu, Vlad Conta, Adrian Morar,  Iurie Florea, Cristian Sandu, Cristian Brâncuși Cristian Oroșanu.-Collaboration with renowned opera directors like Graham Vick, Paul Curran, Plamen Kartalov, Vera Nemirova, Alfred Kirhner, Jacopo Spirei.Collaboration with numerous philharmonics and cultural institutions in roamnia such as the National Radio Orchestra at ˶Mihail Jora”, Bacău National Philarmonic, Cotroceni National Museum  concert hall, National Philarmonic ˶ George Enescu ̋, Ploiesti Philarmonic ˶ Paul Constaninescu ̋ , Ramnicu Valcea Philharmonic, Concert at the Black Church in Brasov , St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest, National University of  Music Bucharest, Royal Camerata, Timișpara Philharmonic, Oradea Philharmonic, etc
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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Role Jump-in ready? Company Year
Verdi: La Traviata Dr Grenvil Immediately Romanian National Opera 2018
Verdi: Nabucco High priest of Baal Immediately Romanian National Opera 2018
Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia Don Bartolo Immediately Romanian National Opera 2018
Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro Bartolo Romanian National Opera 2018
Mozart: Don Giovanni Leporello 1 week Romanian National Opera 2018