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"The group’s arrangements of the most simplistic of airs were stunningly brought to life with sheer love and respect for the music. In short, a perfectly executed performance! I look forward to their return visit to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre.” The IRISH CHAMBER ENSEMBLE is comprised of musicians from the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra. Members of the ensemble also include soloists, leading freelance players and principals of other major orchestras.   ABOUT US The Irish Chamber Ensemble (ICE) specializes in the performance of contemporary chamber works for mixed instrumentation and is an initiative from soloists and core musicians of the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra. ICE will bring chamber music to regional areas, performing at Ireland's major concert venues. Additionally the Irish Chamber Ensemble will tour Europe showcasing some of Ireland’s finest musicians making its cultural footprint outside of Ireland. The ensemble brings together experienced orchestral and solo artists, conveying the joy of music–making at the highest level outside the confines of a traditional “classical” concert. Its members, each drawing on their extensive experience, take active roles in the wider community working to promote music education through collaborative projects whilst providing tuition and support to younger musicians.   OUR MISSION The Irish Chamber Ensemble brings music to the regional areas of Ireland, performing works that have wide appeal to both the general public and are accessible to younger members of the audience. An initiative from core members of the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra and inspired through the love of their instruments, John Walsh, Conor Sheil, John Hearne, Jon Clifford, and conductor Malcolm Yuen and other high profile artists, come together to perform chamber music of a contemporary nature. Performances convey the joy of music–making at the highest level outside the confines of a traditional classical concert. Importantly, its members, each drawing on their extensive experience in music education, will come together in workshop/master class forums to work with children in explaining the works, their instruments and the general nature of performing in a contemporary chamber ensemble. This ensemble has arisen from the desire of its members to perform chamber music works outside of the classical mainstream and to provide a platform for works that are widely considered to be masterpieces in their own right. Although the artists are very experienced in the performance of orchestral and solo works, these artists are continually seeking new challenges and strive to perform music of many different genres continually broadening their musical understanding and that of their audiences. As chamber music forms the basis of all classical ensemble playing spanning works throughout the development of Western Music ranging from concerto grosso, orchestral and musical theatre to opera, there needs to be an outlet to perform master-works of this genre, especially those works written for mixed instrumentation that are widely regarded as important standalone works.   There is a niche that the Irish Chamber Ensemble endeavours to explore while performing works of this nature to stimulate audiences, exposing them to music of different flavours. In particular, it is important from an educational perspective. In doing so, such an ensemble will create employment for ten or more of Ireland’s leading instrumentalists, enabling these chamber works to be played in regional areas, and allow for worldwide touring opportunities where those audiences can appreciate the very best of indigenous Irish musical talent. With these endeavours, ICE will also create a platform for Irish composers and arrangers to have their works performed and appreciated by a broader audience.   OUTREACH In addition to its performances, the Irish Chamber Ensemble has extensive experience in the music education sector, providing lectures, masterclasses and demonstrations. Aimed at children, areas covered in these outreach programmes include the history, development and playing techniques for all of the orchestral instrument families. The Irish Chamber Ensemble also provides specialist masterclasses in Brass quartets/quintets, Wind ensembles, Strings and Percussion, and tailors these as required for the more advanced student musician.
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