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Inna Smirnova


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Inna Smirnova
was born on March, 25 1995 in Kharkiv (Ukraine). She began to play at the age of 5, later she went to a Kharkiv secondary music school and graduated from it 2012. The same year she entered Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts. Currently Inna is in her violin master programme at this university under the supervision of E. Lebedev
​Previously having performed with organ, and with the Symphony at the Kharkiv Oblast Philharmonic, she has also taken part in multiple festivals and concerts.

Inna has been internationally recognized, having taken part in two different International Music festivals. She placed 2nd at both the International Music Festival "Kharkiv Assemblies" and XVIII International Music Festival "Visiting Aivazovsky", Feodosiya, Krim.

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