Gabrijela Deglin

Gabrijela Deglin


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Gabrijela Deglin, a soprano singer. She was born in 1994 in Varaždin. She started her study of
music and solo singing in 2007 under Dorotea Ilčić, a respected teacher at Varaždin School of
Music from which she graduated in 2013. During her high school training she won the second
prize at the International Vocal Competition in Dubrovnik. At the moment she is studying solo
singing at the Arts Academy of the University of Split under assistant professor Terezija
In 2015 she won the first prize at the International Singing Competition Lav Mirski in Osijek and
also the first prize at the International Competition for solo singers Nikola Cvejić in Ruma. At the
latter held in 2016 she won the third prize and also the special prize given her by Radmila
Bakočević as the most promising future soprano of the competition. Up to now she has
performed with the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra at Varaždin Baroque Evenings as well as with
the Chamber Orchestra of the Split Arts Academy in Croatian National Theatre in Split.
She has attended various seminars held by many eminent solo singers and conductors such as
Radmila Bakočević, Cristina Park, Marco Balderi, Catherine Denley, Nelli Manuilenko, Mauro
Trombetta, Biserka Cvejić and many others

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