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Curriculum Vitae Name          Ferenc Rózsa Occupation Conductor.                     Founder and Managing Director of the Rainbow Classic Production Ltd. Address       9 Malom Str., 9700 Szombathely, Hungary Phone         +36 30 552 7442 Fax              +36 94 505 086 Email          opera.production@gmail.com   Education 1996-1998  Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary                    conducting                    Professors: István Párkai  (Kossuth Prize)                                     Éva Kollár (Liszt Prize)                                      József Maklári (Liszt Prize) 2013 onward PhD course at Ferenc Liszt University of Music, Budapest 1980-1984  Conducting                   Népművelési Intézet, Budapest, Hungary                   Professor: Antal Jancsovics (Liszt Prize) 1974-1978  Mathematics and Music                    Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College, Szombathely, Hungary Performances as Conductor in these countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Vietnam. ARTISTIC PRIZES First Prize and Extra Prize for Conducting at the Styrian International Brass Band Festival (1982) Distinguished Golden Qualification, Brass Band Category (1986) Distinguished Golden Qualification, Brass Band Category (1990), Extra Prize for Conducting Prize for Contribution to the Art of Vas County (2004) DECORATIONS Minister’s Praise, 1986 20 Years’ Contribution to the Hungarian Music Culture, 1988 For Improving Partnership, given by the Brass Band Association of Burgenland For Improving Hungarian–Austrian Partnership, given by the Austrian Brothers-in-Arms Association, 1989 Prize for Contribution to the Art of Vas County (2004)   CD’s PIANO CONCERTOS BY JOSEPH HAYDN – ILONA PRUNYI ON THE PIANO Musici Savarienses Chamber Orchestra (DO-LÁ Studio) - Conducted by Ferenc Rózsa   KYRIE ET GLORIA, MISSA VI BY ANTONIO LOTTI Mária Zádori, Liszt Prize Judit Németh, private singer of the Hungarian State Opera Lotti Chamber Choir (directed by Gábor Oláh) Camerata Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra - Conducted by Ferenc Rózsa HUNGAROTON HCD 32042 - World Premiére Kyrie et Gloria was believed to be lost for a long time. I have found and published the manuscript. (A publication of the GENIUS SAVARIENSIS FOUNDATION, November 18, 2002)   SÜSSMAYR: SULEJMAN II ODER DIE DREI SULTANINNEN – OPERA Ensemble of Hungarian State Opera  -  World Premiér   OWN PERFORMANCES OF RAINBOW CLASSIC 2014.                        - Organising and conducting of “Die grosse Verdi-gala” in Graz, Austria, Casemate-stage. - Süssmayr: Sulejman II oder die drei Sultaninnen – opera-CD          Ensemble of Hungarian State Opera - World Premiér 2013.                        - The first symphonic concert program conduction at the new national TV channel of Hungary: the Danube World.                     - Hunting out and digitalize of the opera Prince Zrínyi of Cavalier August Adelburg   2012.                        - Hunting out and reconstruction and digitalize of the opera-trilogy “Rákóczi” of Géza Zichy. - Premiere in Ukraine: Feast of Hungarian by River Ung of Michael Mosonyi. 2011.                        - Hunting out, reconstruction and digitalize of the opera Soliman II. and the Three Sultanas of Franz Xaver Süssmayr. - Conducting the concert " Sacred works of Franz Liszt" on the Budapest Spring Festival. - Reconstruction und conducting of Psalm of Saint Franciscus of Franz Liszt. - Hunting out of the opera Scipio Affricanus of Francesco Cavalli. 2009. - Hunting out and digitalize these operas                       Ruzitska: Béla’s running & Simon Kemény                       and Arnold-Heinisch: Election of King Mátyás                       and Mihály Mosonyi’s cantata: of March of Colonel Hertelendy by Ulm 2008. - Händel: Giulio Cesare in Egitto - opera performance with laser-scene - Ciro Pinsuti: Mattia Corvino – Opera performance             National Hungarian Oper House in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), Romania             Founding of score, leading and instructing the rehearsals and conducting the performances 2007                         Csárdáskirálynő by Imre Kálmán - at the House of Culture and Sports, Szombathely                                                             - the Ensemble of the National Theater, Miskolc                                                               Conducted by Ferenc Rózsa                                                               Directed by Imre Halasi–Jászai Prize   Founding the Monarchy Brass Band its members are the most excellent brass musicians of the Hungarian Telekom Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian State Opera House and the National Philharmonic Orchestra.                                                                                                                  
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