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Eva Noer Kondrup's music is based of melodic lines. She creates those lines in different intriguing sets, f.i. by throwing dice, but then frames the tune in a classical yet folksy context. Craftmanship and a larger outlook to ethic dilemmas and politics as well as the ongoing stream of aesthetics in modern life are Eva's playground .Currently Eva Noer Kondrup is doing chamber opera for Operaen, Copenhagen, to be premiered Feb. the 3rd 2018. She teams up with lighting designer Jesper Kongshaug and stage director Ida Fogh Kiberg in inspiration from "Mutter Courage" and actual political statements. In May 17 Eva will exhibit music for violin and guitar in a workshop in Museet for Samtidskunst, in Sept. 17 a piece for 2 percussion end 2 pianos will be premiered in Roskilde Kammermusikforening.During her career, Eva has written several orchestral pieces and a chamber opera with libretto by cartoonist  Rune T. Kidde.Her piece for soprano and orchestra "Salt, strøm, salt" with text by Pia Tafdrup is considered a piece of major symphonic importance, and her concerto for viola and orchestra "Ulvemælk", premiered by Anette Slaatto and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra won great acclaim for it's dramatic expression yet skillful clarity in letting the deep voice of the viola sound through the orchestra.The last few years she has become increasingly interested in another side track: women's crafts, since Eva considers lace to be not only a carrier of women's stories all around the world, but also the hidden music score from all the women who did not create music, since it was men's business!These considerations takes her to foreign parts of the world, latest trip was to Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, where she met local people working with crafts and ornaments.Eva Noer Kondrups curiosity to written music began when she was 12 years old and wondered what was going on behind the music scores.But it was only when she turned 18 that she became aware of this interest and started listening to Ligeti and Stockhausen and reading Strawinsky: The Poetry of Music.She then was trained in music theory and violin playing at Holstebro Musikskole.Though at first interested in electronics she chose the classical route and wrote several pieces, a lot of them ordered by musicians, during her years at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Lena Kildahl, a flutist, had been at a concert with a piece for violin and electronics by Eva and ordered a piece by her for solo flute, "Diary from the Mountains" that was followed by more and more writing and dozens of performances of Eva Noer Kondrup's music.Eva herself considers her years as a music student very important in terms of developing a creativity based on very liberating ideas for the 1960ies free spirit in Denmark and other places. One significant piece from that period of time is "PELS" (=fur), where the main idea is listening to silence: a percussion player is caressing a fur, where we're supposed to hear the hairs' friction…She also joined masterclasses and introduced her work to Ligeti, Xenakis, Gubaidulina, Andriessen, Crumb and more.Eva Noer Kondrups work is portrayed by Ida Bach Jensen in the documentary "Komponist".
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