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Ensemble Schirokko Hamburg

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«…It is from now on it becomes clear that Rachel Harris and her fellow musicians are prepared to illuminate the baroque idiom with their rhetorically based musical gestures, uncompromisingly shining out the very darkest corners of this essence. Highly intense and vivid, not suitable as background music. But unmistakable!»
RONDO (2018)
«… You will not only hear a clever and very precise interpretation, with well thought-out sound colours, articulations, lines and so forth. You can also feel the intellectual, spiritual and emotional permeation of the music. That is how the performance by Ensemble Schirokko can move so much. One would like to hear more from them.»
NDR (North German Radio) (2018)
«„Beautiful music“ for new citizens / concert by Ensemble Schirokko Hamburg in the Refugee Accommodation Kiel: … One can see it as a cipher for the intactness of classical music and its competent performers, no matter where. Or as an event which does not follow an unreflected four-word sentence „We can do it“, but a more modest one: „We are doing something.“»
KN (Kiel Newspaper) (2018)
2018Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56Chamber ensemble


When Sirocco, the hot desert wind, makes its way to distant north German realms, crossing borders and coasts, it carries a Mediterranean temperament to meet a northern melancholy, caressingly warm where usually only the stiff, Hanseatic breeze blows, adding an aroma of foreign spice to coastal fog.

Its musical incarnation is to be found in Ensemble Schirokko Hamburg: formed in 2007, it is put together of musicians who have studied early music at some of the foremost international music colleges Trossingen, Bremen, Würzburg, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam. Under the leadership of the violinist Rachel Harris the ensemble combines accomplished performances on historical instruments or their copies with stylistically aware, spirited interpretations.

They have been able to fan their musical fire in concerts at e.g. the Rheingau Musikfestival, at the festival TON:Arten Sasbachwalden and at the Weserbergland Musikfestival as well as numerous performances throughout the north of Germany.

The fire continues to blaze on their previously released CDs “The Division Violin” (2008), “Schirokkos Seereisen” (2009), “Schirokkos Telemann” (2010), and “Le Monde Parisien” (2014), all produced by ambitus. The ensemble varies in size according to the ingenious collages of our various motto programmes, from chamber music size to fully sized baroque orchestra.

As from 2016, the ensemble has been regularly promoted by the Hamburg cultural authority in its co-productions with the Rheinische Kantorei.

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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Role Jump-in ready? Company Year
Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56 Chamber ensemble Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Germany 2018