Elizaveta Zapolskikh

Elizaveta Zapolskikh

Coloratura Soprano

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Soprano coloratura
Date of birth: August 16, 1986

Professional Experience
2013 – 2017 Soloist of the opening of the Moscow Youth Opera Theatre.
2017 - Guest soloist of the theater Palatenda, Italy.
Repertoire includes:
1. G. Puccini – “La Bohème” – Musetta (2011, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music)
2. J. Offenbach – “Les contes d’Hoffmann” – Olympia (2013, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)
3. G. Verdi – “Traviata” – Violetta (2014, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)
4. W.A. Мozart – “Die Zauberflöte” – Die Königin der Nacht (2015-2017, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)
5. N. Rimsky-Korsakov – “Christmas eve” – Oksana (2015-2016, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)
6. G. Rossini – “La scala di seta” – Giulia (2017, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)
7. W.A. Мozart – “Die Zauberflöte” – Die Königin der Nacht (2017, Teatro Palatenda, Italy)
2006-2011 – Gnessin Russian Academy of Music with a degree in Academic Vocal Performance in the class of Recognized Artist of Russia, Dean Kuznetsova.
1996 – Diploma of the Inter-Russian competition of vocalists of Galina Vishnevskaya “Youth of Russia”;
2010 – Winner of award of the Independent International Competition for opera singers;
2012 – Diploma of the participant in the Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD Munchen;
2013 – Diploma of the finalist of the Renato Bruson International Competition.
2013 – She released a solo CD “Elizaveta”, which presents the world’s operatic masterpieces from the repertoire of the highest coloratura soprano arias: Die Königin der Nacht by W. A. Mozart, Couplets of Olympia by Offenbach, Europe Aria from the Opera Salieri “Europa Reconosciuta” and other virtuoso arias.
2011 - 2013 – Anatoli Goussev, (Milan); 2012 – Tom Krause, (Мunich), 2012 – Mirella Freni (Moscow).
Languages: Russian – native; Italian – good; English – good, Deutsch – learn.

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