Elisabetta Isola

Elisabetta Isola

Lyric Soprano

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I attended the Conservatory Niccolo Paganini in Genoa, where I studied with Carmen Vilalta and Gloria Scalchi. I achieved the first level Academic Diploma with good grades , at the " Achille Peri " in Reggio Emilia , under the guidance of Maestro Mauro Trombetta . I worked for a long time in "Panatero" Opera Choir in Alessandria, making concerts  in many Piedmontese cities. I took part in several opera productions: Marzano's "I Normanni a Salerno", Mozart's ''Der Schauspieldirektor" and "Requiem Mass". I dedicated great attention in German, French and Spanish Chamber Music's study and performance, taking concerts in Genoa, Rome, Alessandria, La Spezia. Since 2007 till 2010, I spent a lot of time developing and promoting a project, named "Puzzle Ensemble", based upon Bertolt Brecht's music and musicians. I also experienced XX Century's repertoire, playing Luigi Nono's "La Fabbrica Illuminata" for voice and magnetic tape . In the meantime I set up a group, The "Phronesis Trio" (Soprano , Organ and Trumpet) , who performs successfully in Churchs with historical instruments. The Baroque sacred repertoire embraces famous composers such as Bach, Handel , Scarlatti, Mozart. My voice's versatility allow me to experience different languages, as like jazz, pop, wind ensemble music. I also participated in two concerts in Russia : the first in the celebrations to mark the founding of the city of Moscow internal born of a cultural exchange between the Russian capital , and the Town of Genoa. The second again in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, with the same purpose. On 20 December 2008, as part of a partnership between Genoa Conservatory and Teatro Carlo Felice, I performed as Nicholas in Gabriel Piernè's opera "Les Enfants à Bethlehem". In June 2011, I attended the National Singing Competition "Lanterna d'Oro" , finishing in third place. During the Christmas season 2011/2012 , I took part as a soloist , for a tour lasting three weeks in the People's Republic of China, exhibiting me in many major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Wuhu and Guangzhou. I recently won the first edition of the prestigious “Antonio Semiglia”. I finally ranked 1st place in the TV talent show “LiguriaSelection”, winning a recording contract with Maia Records.        
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