Dominique Dethier

Dominique Dethier


"Music is a gift and it reaches people generation-spanning, across all borders, independent of which origin and culture. We should honor this gift every day in our work as profound artist."
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«"[…] Vor allem Baronin Irene steht mit ihren gekünstelten Gesten, ihrem drapierten, glitzernden Gewand und dem schrägen Hütchen auf dem Kopf im Mittelpunkt der Kritik. Dominique Dethier ist hierbei die ideale Verköperung einer arroganten Intrigantin und unterstreicht das sehr gekonnt mit ihrem kräftigen, in den großen Höhen starken Sopran, stößt die Verzierungen oft wild heraus. […]"»
«"Dominique Dethier commands a remarkably beautiful voice with nuanced expressiveness. She shows a huge artistic sensivity and empathy in the scenic work, as well as an extremely charming personality paired with rich scenic phantasy. Dominique Dethier is a strong and present stage personality with always a flexible and versatile voice.»
Holger Klembt, stage director (2017)
«"[…] Ein üppiger Klangrausch vor der zweiten Pause, das Terzett aus Richard Straussens "Rosenkavalier". Sassaya Chavalit, Dominique Dethier und Vera Nikonova füllten den Raum bis in den hintersten Winkel mit verführerischer Süße: Liebesglück bei Sophie und Octavian, melancholisches Bescheiden für die Marschallin… […]"»
Begeisternder Schluss-Marathon des Wasserburgen Klaviersommers – Junge Leute aus Fernost fegen über die 88 Tasten, ovb-online.de, 12.08.2015 (2017)


Dominique Dethier started playing the piano with already four years. Still with the age of five and a half followed the first small concerts, where she could demonstrate her ability. She was taught in this time in the Russian piano school.
The unique chance of playing piano to the, in professional circles famous and regarded, Professor Paul Buck was for Dominique`s musical development a drastice experience.
 Prof. Buck took care of her as student - the youngest.
Since her 6th year of age until spring 2006 Prof. Paul Buck had been her great instructor and model. He recognized her great musicality and her musical talent.
 Under his leadership she learned to sensitise the music she played and to sense the thoughts and feelings of them who composed it. Dominique won different competitions, including among others several "Jugend-musiziert"-competitions.
Dominique got ballet trainig under the Russian system and was an active member of the St. Eberhardt girls' cathedral chantry Stuttgart. She also played for many years the lead violin of the Merz School-orchestra, Stuttgart.
After her successfully completed final secondary-school examination and the receipt of the special honouring "Konstantin Merz Award" for lasting, outstanding musical performance at the Merz-Schule Stuttgart, stats-approved private school, in 2006, Dominique started studying music, major in piano and singing, at the Academy of Music Frankfurt/Main in October 2007. 
Since summer 2011 Dominique has studied as Pro-Student now as Post-Student of the Canta-Singing Academy under Univ. Prof. Mario Diaz, Mozarteum Salzburg, in Salzburg. He has formed her voice, in the style of Bel Canto, into this groundbreaking kind of singing, in which Dominique sings successfully today.
And by his impulses of a musical kind and of various further aspects of vocal technique, he will continue forming Dominique’s voice and open up her new, also interpretive horizons.
From October 2012 until summer 2017 Dominique deepens her vocal studies at the Academy of Music Würzburg. Under the leadership of her teacher,himself with an active concert schedule, bass-baritone Sven Fürst, her voice attains on and on gleaming charisma and expressive power and under him she finished sucessfully her study.
 She has gained additional musical-artistic nuances in different masterclasses among others under KS Camilla Nylund-Saris, Univ.-Prof. Mario Diaz, Prof. Filippo Morace, Prof. Thomas Heyer, Prof. Caroline Stein, Ingeborg Danz. The studies with i.a. actor Thomas L. Dietz as well as with Joachim Goltz have shaped her acting work with profundity.
Dominique Dethier works together with well-known leading pianists among others with, Vyara Shuperlieva, Gianluca Ascheri, Olga Wien (Fedorova), Trung Sam, Marco Attura, Tomoko Aikawa, Ulrich Pakusch, Tobias Krampen, Alessandro Misciasci.
Dominique experiences especially pathbreaking impulses, regarding particularly the sophisticated stylistics of Mozart, through the close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Josef Wallnig, conductor, pianist, among others long-time assistant of Karl Böhm at the Salzburger Festspiele, founder and director of the Mozart-opera Institute at the University Mozarteum/Salzburg andexceptional, international renowned expert within the scope of opera interpretation and stylistics of Mozart. For her opera-scenic stage work, Dominique got decisive and forming suggestions during her great collaboration with the famous opera director Prof. Holger Klembt.
In summer 2014 she was on stage as "La Grande Pretresse" in Holger Klembt's opera
production of Rameau's "Hippolyte et Aricie". In summer 2015 she was participant of the Bavarian Culture and Music Festival "Wasserburger Musiksommer", where she performed, together with pianist and accompanist Rita Kaufmann, on stage in several performances. 
This summer Dominique was on stage as "Giunone" in Prof. Holger Klembt's opera production 
of Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria", second time under his direction, at the HfM Würzburg. Moreover you could see her performing at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. In late summer was Dominique on stage in Palermo/Sicily, under the International Young Opera Singer Academy "Vocalissima". In concerts on impressive stages she captured the audience's imagination with expressive interpretations of Konstanze from Mozart's "Entführung aus dem Serail", of Donna Anna from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" as well as with varied programs including Schumann, Donizetti, Delibes, Poulenc, Verdi. Under guidance of international prestigious tenor and Mozarteum professor for Vocal Arts Mario Diaz, his colleague conductor Maestro Claudio Gallina and one of the leading opera répétiteuses Vyara Shuperlieva, Dominique has gotten many further significant, indicatory enrichments in the subject of Belcanto and musical opera interpretation. Also the collaboration with soprano and Italian language vocal coach Antonella Infantino, just as with Tomoko Aikawa, skilled répétiteuse, were therby fundamentally. Special and shiny moments have arisen from the meeting with international well-known, young, rising Italian conductor, pianist and composer Marco Attura, who radiated music-passion through and through and has created really special interpretive stimuli in their both cooperation.
In February 2017 Dominique Dethier performed again on stage of the opera school of HfM Würzburg. There she played, once again unter the incomparable great and inspiring dircetion of head and stage director Prof. Holger Klembt, together with just as well-known conductor Ulrich Pakush, this time the role of "Venus", in the production of Jacques Offenbach's operetta "Orpheus in the underworld".
Dominique performed with different concert programs et al. in Berlin and Salzburg, and was on stage with the summer production of the opera school of HfM Würzburg in role of La Baronessa Irene in Joseph Haydn's opera "La vera costanza". She was also seen in concerts in Baden-Baden and at Bavarian Culture and Music Festival "Wasserburger Klaviersommer 2017", where she among others performed the "Three songs of Ophelia" by Richard Strauss on stage. 
Dominique Dethier works as freelance opera singer and is soloist of Dommusik Salzburg at Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria, under direction of director of music János Czifra. In the moment she works on et al. the role of Lucia in Donizetti's opera "Lucia di Lammermoor", Frau Fluth from Nicolai's "The Merry wives of Windsor" and on Lulu from Alban Berg's same-titled opera "Lulu". In 2018 she could be seen as a soloist as well as chamber music in Bonn at the culture and music festival "Luft und Raum", initiated by famous German alto singer Ingeborg Danz, as well as at the International Summer Academy of University Mozarteum Salzburg. She was also on stage at Festival week "Salisburgensis Opera et Oratorio – Bel Canto due mondi", together with Dommusik Salzburg, subsequent to the Salzburg Festival, where she performed Lucia's Flute-Aria from the mad scene as well as Rossini's "Petite Messe Solenelle" at Salzburg Cathedral. Furthermore she was again successful in concert on the Open-Air-stage of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, where she performed together with her long-time friends and singer colleagues in their founded ensemble "DOSANUGU Salzburg – Young Classic Singers", and raise arias and ensembles from different operas. Dominique sang in Schloßtheater Schönbrunn in Vienna and in Munich. New York Lyric Opera has already invited Dominique Dethier to sing in Weill Recital Hall in New York's Carnegie Hall, Gilda in Verdi's "Rigoletto.
In 2019 further concertante performances followed as soloist of Dommusik Salzburg at Salzburg Cathedral accompanied by orchestra and choir of Dommusik Salzburg, as well as soloistic and in ensemble on stage at “International Rossini Belcanto Festival”. 
In context of the 2nd "Belcanto Due-Mondi Festival" in Salzburg, Dominique Dethier captured the audience's imagination as soloist in the European Premiere of "Vísperas para el Corpus Christi" by Peruvian composer Pedro Xíménez Abrill y Tirados, together with the Chamber Music Ensemble of Camerata Salzburg at Salzburg Cathedral. Moreover she could be seen soloistic on stage in two further concerts of the 2nd "Belcanto Due-Mondi Festival". More concerts in Austria and Germany are next up on the agenda for the upcoming months. (February 2019 Rossini Arias Vienna State Opera, Vienna/Austria I 10th February 2019 Franz Lachner "Missa in E flat major op. 92 for two Sopranos" Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I May/June 2019 div. masses Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I 1st May 2019 10:30 Festive May concert, Baden-Württemberg/Germany I 13th June 2019 19:30 "Opera Gala of Bad Reichenhaller Philharmonie", Konzertrotunde Bad Reichenhall/Germany I 6th – 14th July "International Rossini Belcanto Festival Bad Wildbad", Bad Wildbad/Germany (14th July 2019; 28th July 2019 11:15 "Rossini & Co" – Rossini Belcanto Opera Festival, Königl. Kurtheater, Bad Wildbad/Germany) I July 2019 "Trauungsmesse" Evangelische Kirche Konstanz-Litzelstetten, Germany I 04th August 2019 W. A. Mozart "Spatzenmesse" 08:30 Salzburger Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I 18th August 2019 Franz Lachner "Missa in E major op. 92 for two Sopranos" 10:30 Salzburger Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I August 2019 "Salisburgensis Opera et Oratorio – Bel Canto due mondi-Festival" together with Camerata Salzburg and Dommusik Salzburg/Austria I 30th August 2019 "Opera Gala Due Mondi BelCanto", Concert Hall Kapitelplatz, Salzburg/Austria I 31th August 2019 18:30 European Premiere of Pedro Ximénez Abrill Tirado "Visperas para el Corpus Christe", Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I 1st September 2019 10:00 Charles Gounod "Messe du Sacré-Coeur de Jesus", Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I October, November, December 2019 div. Holy Mass, Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg/Austria I December 2019, Concert of Internationalen Canta Association, Salzburg/Austria).
Besides her musical work Dominique writes poetry, studied German studies and since October 2010, she is published and recorded with her poem "Mein Weltenlauf verdunkelt sich" in "Jahrbuch Frankfurter Bibliothek für das Neue Gedicht 2011" of the Brentano-Gesellschaft Frankfurt/Main. She creates moreover musical-literary stage programs.

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