Daniele Lazzari

Daniele Lazzari


Classical Guitarist & Composer
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«“A truly wonderful interpretation! He plays with such a sweetness and elegance that get to the heart”»
Francesco Di Giovanni, composer at Berben Editions in Rome (2017)
«“The world of classical guitar is enriched by talented representatives from all around the world. Daniele Lazzari is one of those!”»
Réal Bergeron, reviewer of recordings, Canada (2017)
«“Daniele Lazzari has great curiosity and great modesty which are the precious qualities of an high quality musician. His dedication to the instrument and to the world of ideas places him in a very refined and intelligent compositional dimension”»
Maestro Luisa Russo, conductor and composer, Professor at the “Girolamo Frescobaldi” Academy in Ferrara (2017)
2018Matiné ConcertsInstrumentalist
2018Concert SeriesInstrumentalist
2018Gitár KoncertInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Concierto Del SurInstrumentalist
2018Vivaldi: Concerto, Rv 92, D MajorInstrumentalist
2018Rodrigo: Fantasía Para Un GentilhombreInstrumentalist
2018Dowland: A FancyInstrumentalist
2018Dowland: Melancholy Galliard, P. 25Instrumentalist
2018Dowland: Sir John Smith, His Almain, P. 47Instrumentalist
2018Sanz: Fuga y FoliasInstrumentalist
2018Sanz: CanariosInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Violin Partita No. 2, Bwv 1004, D MinorInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Fugue, Bwv 1000, G MinorInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Lute Suite, Bwv 997, C MinorInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Lute Suite, Bwv 995, G MinorInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Prelude Fugue And Allegro, Bwv 998, E-flat MajorInstrumentalist
2018Bach J.s.: Violin Partita No. 3, Bwv 1006, E MajorInstrumentalist
2018Brescianello: Guitar Sonata, D MajorInstrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Variazioni Sulla Follia Di Spagna, Op. 45Instrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Variazioni Su Un Tema Di Handel, Op. 107, A Major (the Harmonious Blacksmith)Instrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Gran Sonata Eroica, Op. 150, A MajorInstrumentalist
2018Sor: Introduction And Variations On a Theme By Mozart, Op. 9Instrumentalist
2018Sor: Fantasie For Guitar No 1, Op. 7, C MajorInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Fantasia On Themes From La Traviata By VerdiInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Capricho árabeInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Recuerdos De La AlhambraInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: MarietaInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Paquito, C MajorInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Maria (gavotte)Instrumentalist
2018Tárrega: AdelitaInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: PepitaInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Sueño (mazurka)Instrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Danza MoraInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Mazurka En SolInstrumentalist
2018Tárrega: Grand ValseInstrumentalist
2018Albéniz: Mallorca, Op. 202, B. 41, F-sharp Minor (barcarola)Instrumentalist
2018Albéniz: Suite Española No. 1, Op. 47, B. 7Instrumentalist
2018Albéniz: Piezas Características No. 12, Op. 92, B. 29, E Major (torre Bermeja, Serenata)Instrumentalist
2018Barrios-mangoré: La CatedralInstrumentalist
2018Barrios-mangoré: Waltz For Guitar, Op. 8/4, D MajorInstrumentalist
2018Barrios-mangoré: Julia FloridaInstrumentalist
2018Barrios-mangoré: Las Abejas (the Bees)Instrumentalist
2018Barrios-mangoré: Una Limosna Por El Amor De DiosInstrumentalist
2018Torroba: Sonatina For Guitar, A MajorInstrumentalist
2018Torroba: Castillos De EspañaInstrumentalist
2018Torroba: Nocturno For GuitarInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: 24 Preludes For GuitarInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: 3 Canciones Populares MexicanasInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Sonata For Guitar No. 3, D MinorInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Sonata RománticaInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Suite En La MineurInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Variations Sur Folia De España Et FugueInstrumentalist
2018Ponce: Variations And Fughetta On a Theme By CabezonInstrumentalist
2018Castelnuovo-tedesco: TangoInstrumentalist
2018Castelnuovo-tedesco: Tarantella For Guitar, Op. 87bInstrumentalist
2018Tansman: Danza PomposaInstrumentalist
2018Tansman: BarcarolleInstrumentalist
2018De Falla: Homenaje Pour Le Tombeau De Claude Debussy, G. 56Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: 10 Studies, Op. 1Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: Fantasia D'autunno, Op. 2 (toccata, Canto D'autunno, Postludio)Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: Preludio, Tango e Allegro, Op. 3Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: Tre Preludi Elegiaci, Op. 5 (homages To Torroba, Barrios And De Falla)Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: Three Melancholic Pieces, Op. 6 (preludio Milonga, Vals, Choro)Instrumentalist
2018Lazzari: Café Budapest, Op. 7 (preludio, Tango)Instrumentalist
2018Di Giovanni: Sonetti (6 Pieces)Instrumentalist
2018Di Giovanni: Suite Moderna, Ore TardeInstrumentalist
2018Di Giovanni: Variations On The UtopiaInstrumentalist
2018Di Giovanni: Blue Roma (sonata, Homage To Gershwin)Instrumentalist
2018Di Marino: 3 NotturniInstrumentalist
2018Di Marino: Studio MilongaInstrumentalist
2018Lancieri: MeditationInstrumentalist
2018Lancieri: RinascitaInstrumentalist
2018Paradiso: Preludi SentimentaliInstrumentalist
2018Kleynjans: Suite Sud-americaineInstrumentalist
2018Kleynjans: Suite BresilienneInstrumentalist
2018Brouwer: Sonata For Guitar No. 3 (sonata Del Decamerón Negro)Instrumentalist
2018Brouwer: Danza Del AltiplanoInstrumentalist
2018Brouwer: Estudios SencillosInstrumentalist
2018Brouwer: Dos Aires Populares CubanosInstrumentalist
2018Brouwer: Pieza Sin Título No. 1Instrumentalist
2018Brouwer: BerceuseInstrumentalist
2018Cordero: Suite AntillanaInstrumentalist
2018Cordero: Cuatro Impresiones Sobre 'la Metamorfosis' De KafkaInstrumentalist
2018Cordero: Cinco Boceto SonorosInstrumentalist
2018Dyens: Trois SaudadesInstrumentalist
2018Dyens: Tango En SkaiInstrumentalist
2018Dyens: Valse En SkaiInstrumentalist
2018Cardoso: MilongaInstrumentalist
2018Ganci: ChoroInstrumentalist
2018Montana: PorroInstrumentalist
2018Reis: Se Ela PerguntarInstrumentalist
2018Reis: Xodo Da BaianaInstrumentalist
2018Pujol: Suite Del Plata No. 1Instrumentalist
2018Pujol: Suite Del Plata No. 2Instrumentalist
2018Pernambuco: Sons De CarrilhõesInstrumentalist
2018Pernambuco: GraúnaInstrumentalist
2018Pernambuco: InterrogandoInstrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Duo Concertant For Violin And Guitar, Op. 25, E MinorInstrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Grand Duo Concertante, Op. 85, A MajorInstrumentalist
2018Giuliani: Serenade, Op. 127, G MajorInstrumentalist


Broshure PDF:

“Sweetness and elegance that get to the heart”. These words perfectly describe the way the Italian guitarist and composer Daniele Lazzari expresses himself through music. His talent was recognized first when he won international music competitions at the beginning of his career, as in Padua, Salerno, Lecce and Ancona. In fact, Mr. Lazzari is valued for the freshness of his interpretations which are always meditated and enriched by a brilliant instrumental technique.

Mr. Lazzari has appeared in many prestigius concert venues through Europe and Asia. For instance, he gave concerts at the Festetics Castle in Keszthely, the Pisani Palace in Venice, the Ceramic Palace Concert Hall in Seoul. In 2016 he made his memorable debut at the famous Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in Budapest. His first solo CD, titled “Classical Guitar Jewels” has been acclaimed for the freshness and expressiveness which he has brought in the guitar masterpieces of the 20th century.
VIRTUOSO GUITAR MUSIC OF SPAIN AND LATIN AMERICA is his new solo CD published by the Japanese label DA VINCI CLASSICS in 2018.

Daniele Lazzari has devoted himself to chamber music with numerous projects. Stably he has performed with Italian violinist Varina Fortin, Hungarian flutist Emőke Geszti, Japanese soprano Noriko Ogawa, Korean soprano Eun Kyoung Suh, Italian tenor Giuseppe Coluzzi, Italian guitarist Luca Fabrizio and Hungarian guitarist Annamária Fábián. He has collaborated with the Extol Trio and the Estampas Quartet. Currently he is engaged in a new chamber music project with Italian flutist Claudio Marinone.

The album “Sambossa”, recorded with flautist Mrs. Emőke Geszti, is an homage to the modern South American music. The CD won flattering reviews both by the critics and by the audience after it was introduced in a long concert tour in Switzerland.
Lazzari has dedicated himself to contemporary music performing with large ensembles, often using live electronics and new technologies. He has performed and recorded premiered works by Italian composers at the Biennale in Venice.

Mr. Lazzari has received his Master Degree in Performance with honors at the “Benedetto Marcello” Academy in Venice, Italy and has won a full scholarship from the European Union. His master’s thesis pertains the aesthetics of the guitar music of the mexican composer Manuel Ponce.

He has improved his music skills with masterclasses under the guidance of world renowned artists as Carlo Marchione, Edoardo Catemario, Arturo Tallini, Giuseppe Pepicelli, Michelangelo Severi, Giampaolo Bandini (from Italy), Fabio Zanon, Celso Machado (from Brazil), Zoran Dukic (from Croatia), Sandor Szilvagyi, Jozsef Eotvos (from Hungary), Thomas Müller-Pering (from Germany), Alberto Ponce, Margarita Escarpa (from Spain), Roland Dyens(from France), Sharon Isbin (from USA) and Roberto Aussel (from Argentine).

Daniele Lazzari has taught in Music Schools and Academies in Italy and Hungary and has given masterclasses in Hungary and South Korea. He is Professor at the “Ernő Dohnányi” State Music Institute in Budapest.

As a composer, Daniele Lazzari is especially inspired by the music he loves, alternating contrapuntal writing to the impressionism of the harmonies. His guitar works have attracted the interest and appreciation and were played premiered by renowned musicians all around the world.
Recently, he likes to include in his concert programs his own pieces, always gaining the enthusiasm of the audiences.

A wide selection of Spanish and South American music finds in Daniele Lazzari’s guitar its natural voice. He feels great affinity with Baroque music of Bach, Weiss and Scarlatti but he also seeks to promote contemporary music of emerging composers.
Daniele Lazzari plays an Alma Guitar – Master Double Top – made by Kim Hee Hong in 2007.


“A real monument to this kind of great virtuosity” (Luigi Fertonani, Brescia Oggi)

“Of all these works, Daniele Lazzari offers an objective balanced version, admirably far from the histrionisms and the excessive indulge of the picturesque element which often afflicts these works so much performed and recorded” (Roberto Brusotti, Musica Magazine)

“Finesse and purity of his sound is fully expressed in these masterpieces of the guitar repertoire played with great feeling. Bravissimo!” (Pablo Lentini Riva, concertist and writer, Professor at the “Frédéric Chopin” Academy in Paris)

“Beautiful sound, smooth and always in focus. Everything is meditated, without haste and without unnecessary virtuosity. Bravo, congratulations!” (Giulio Tampalini, world concertist, Professor at the “Antonio Buzzolla” Academy in Adria)

“I really enjoyed his artistry and playing!” (Maestro Gabriel Senanes, conductor and composer in Buenos Aires)

“The world of classical guitar is enriched by talented representatives from all around the world. Daniele Lazzari is one of those!” (Réal Bergeron, reviewer of recordings, Canada)

“He is a very serious and well prepared performer. Beats rhythms precisely phrasing clearly, has good sound, clean technique: everything is fine!” (Maestro Angelo Gilardino, composer and musicologist, Professor at the “Antonio Vivaldi” Academy in Alessandria)

“He introduced in these warm pages of the 20th century music a freshness and expressiveness that I liked” (Florindo Baldissera, concertist, Professor at the “Benedetto Marcello” Academy in Venice)

“A truly wonderful interpretation! He plays with such a sweetness and elegance that get to the heart” (Francesco Di Giovanni, composer at Berben Editions in Rome

“Daniele Lazzari has great curiosity and great modesty which are the precious qualities of an high quality musician. His dedication to the instrument and to the world of ideas places him in a very refined and intelligent compositional dimension”(Maestro Luisa Russo, conductor and composer, Professor at the “Girolamo Frescobaldi” Academy in Ferrara)

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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Role Jump-in ready? Company Year
Matiné Concerts Instrumentalist Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest 2018
Concert Series Instrumentalist CEZI 2018
Gitár Koncert Instrumentalist Rózsa Művelődési Ház 2018
Ponce: Concierto Del Sur Instrumentalist 1 week 2018
Vivaldi: Concerto, Rv 92, D Major Instrumentalist 1 week 2018


1st Prize - Padua - International Music Competition
1st. prize - Vietri sul Mare - International Music Competition
2nd. Prize - Città del Barocco - Lecce - International music competition
1st. prize - E. Gianturco - Rionero - International music competition
highest honour - Roma - International Tourney of Music
European Union - Full Scholarship for ma