For Artists

The makers of music. The purveyors of art. The soul of the industry.

We’re here to help you do what you do best: make beautiful music and make people happy. We want you to be able to do it as much as you like and to the best of your capability. Most of our team are artists too and we understand your every day: what will make life easier for you, what will help sky rocket you into the spotlight, what will help you make art.
We invite you to see what Truelinked can do for you.
Benefits for artists

Free profile!

Artists gain a largely boosted visibility through a free profile containing the most important information and data that casting directors need.

Be seen

Visibility for artists and access to talent has increased greatly with acquisition of Operabase, a platform used by thousands of casting professionals and agents globally, daily.

Powered by data

Greater control over your career direction and real-time data for insight into what people are viewing on your profile. Knowledge is power.

Sing it to me!

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