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Being Truelinked will get you exposure. The first step is to create your free professional profile. Think of it like an online portfolio that works for you because you have a team of tech types working to make your profile shine. Creating your profile only takes 2 minutes! From there, you can continuously enrich your profile with your biography, schedule, photos, repertoire and videos — for free. The more content you share, the more attention-grabbing and interesting your profile becomes.

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Everyday, directors and casting managers from opera houses around the world are looking for talent. They can contact artists or post a job in our job bank. On, artists are presented with jobs, opportunities, meeting requests and audition openings.

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Everyday opera houses around the world are looking for talent
Truelinked offers the opportunity to build a network for artists

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Networking is important in any business or industry. It is especially crucial for artists looking to expand their business and audience: making sure you're centre stage in the minds of those who can help develop your career. Truelinked offers the opportunity to build and easily maintain a network of influential people and other artists. Networking is the path to your next job, the exposure of your name and awareness of your talent.

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As a service, we give every artist the opportunity to demonstrate and promote their Jump In readiness and availability. If you have a role(s) you know really well, let the network know and fill your schedule with extra jobs.

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The possibility for artist to show their Jump-in readiness and availability