Armine Mkrtchyan

Armine Mkrtchyan

Dramatic/Heroic Soprano

Armine Mkrtchyan
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2018Rossini: Stabat MaterSoprano
2017Bizet: CarmenMercédès
2016Mozart: Great Mass in C minor, K. 427Soprano #2



From 1999 to 2004, she studied at vocal-theoretical faculty, the class of
Professor MagdalinaGalustova (Bachelor’s degree) at Yerevan State Conservatory
after Komitas. Later she studied at the class of Professor Ashkhen Tadevosyan
and graduated as an opera and chamber singer. During those years, she had a lot
of concerts on the best stages in the Republic of Armenia
From 2004 to 2006, she held her post-graduate studies at vocal department of
vocal-theoretical faculty at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas (the class of Professor Susanna Martirosyan). She graduated as an opera singer. 

Concert activities 

In 2005 Yerevan State Conservatory big hall. Solo Concert.
In 2006 Yerevan State Conservatory big hall.  Solo Concert.
In 2008 National Opera and Ballet  Academic Theatre
From 2009 to 2016she performed the works of modern composers.
T. Mansuryan, R. Amirkhanyan, D.Erazhisht, G. Chtchyan, M. Tariverdiev.
On 8 November,  2013 Yerevan Chamber Music House. Solo Concert with Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano)On 25 April, 2015, thehall of music school after Sayat-Nova. Solo Concert  "They say..."
On 7 December, 2015 Switzerland, Losan. “Arias and duets from operas”. Solo Concert with Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano, Switzerland).On 18 October, 2015 Switzerland, Geneva. “Arias and duets from operas”.  Solo Concert  with
Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano, Switzerland).
On 25 October,  2015 Switzerland, Vernier. “Arias and duets from operas”. Solo Concert with Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano, Switzerland).
On 02 December, 2016 Yverdon-les-Bains Cathedaral, Switzerland. “Mozart’s c-mall mass” 
2rd soprano. Conductor Lyuk Baghdasaryan
On 03 December, 2016 St. Martin’s
Cathedaral, Vevey, Switzerland. “Mozart’s c-mall mass” 2rd soprano.
Conductor Lyuk Baghdasaryan.
On 04 December, 2016 Victora Hall,
Geneva, Switzerland. “Mozart’s c-mall mass” 2rd soprano. Conductor Lyuk Baghdasaryan.
On 08  December, 2016 Bougy-Villars. “Arias and duets from operas”. Solo Concert with Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano, Switzerland).
On 11 December, 2016  Presinge, Switzerland. “New Year concert”  with participation of several popular opera singers.
On 26 April, 2017 Le Manege Onex  "L'Amour En Feurs", Switzerland. Solo Concert with Karine Mkrtchyan (soprano, Switzerland).
On 06 May, 2017 Victoria Hall, Switzerland, Geneva.  Gala Concert devoted to the 30th anniversary Concertus Saisonnus in participation with many popular musicians and singers.

Upcoming concerts 
On November 10 and 12, 2017 Switzerland, Geneva. 
Victoria Hall and Stravinski Hall. The character of Mercedes in G. Bizet Bizet’s Karmen.
Conductor Benua Wilman.

On 2018 Switzerland Geneva, Victoria Hall Verdi La TraviataTraviata (Annina). Conductor Benua Wilmann

On 2018 Switzerland Geneva Victoria Hall,  

Mozart Reqwuem Soprano.

From October 01 to November 20, 2017
Chamber concerts at different profound halls in Switzerland.
Competitions, festivals and prizes  
In 2005, a laureate, the third prize at Young Vocalists’  First State Competition-Festival after Tatevik Sazandaryan.
On November 8, 2013, participation Return Festival held at Yerevan Chamber House. 

Work experience 
From 2006-2010, National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian
The fourth friend of Anush in Anush opera by A.Tigranyan
Clotilda in Bellini’s Norma opera 
Participation in many concert programs organized by National Academic
Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian .
On November 10 and 12, 2017 Switzerland, Geneva. Victoria
Hall and Stravinski Hall.The character of Mercedes in G. Bizet Bizet’s Karmen.

Pedagogic experience
From2006 on-going
Vocal teacher at musical school after Sayat-Nova
From 2016 on-going Vocal teacher at musical school at A. Tigranyan
Teacherat Little Singers of Armenia International Association.

Many of her alumni take part in a number of profound competitions and have got different prizes.

In 2013, Art Music competition-festival
Prize Anna Ter-Hovhannisyan
Prize MeriSimonyan
In 2017, Art Music competition-festival
Prize Van Hovhanissyan
In 2015,  "Melody" competition-festival
Prize Van Hovhannisyan
Prize Alina Avagyan
They are also laureates in several international competitions.
Gyumri  "Veratsnund" international competition-festival 
In 2011,  2

Prize MeriSimonyan
In 2011, 2
Prize Lilit Davtyan
In 2013, 1
Prize Meri Simonyan
In 2014,  3
Prize Lilit Davtyan
In 2015, 3
Prize Van Hovhannisyan
In 2011, Audience PrizeGohar Gevorgyan
In 2013, diploma for the best 
performance of Shubert, Anna Ter-Hovhannisyan

In 2016, the 12
international young vocalists’ competition-festival in Yekaterinburgfor academic vocal nomination. Grand Prix Lilit Davtyan

Diplomas, certificates
She was rewarded with world-class specialist title and
diploma for having a Grand Prix Prize alumnus as well as she got a lot of certificates
and diplomas for presenting her alumni in international competitions best and
as a specialist of vocal. 

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CV & Repertoire

Musical Work Role Jump-in ready? Company Year
Mozart: Requiem Soprano No 2019
Verdi: Requiem Soprano No 2019
Rossini: Stabat Mater Soprano No 2018
Bizet: Carmen Mercédès 1 week 2017
Mozart: Great Mass in C minor, K. 427 Soprano #2 1 week concertus saisonnus 2016