Angelo Bonazzoli

Angelo Bonazzoli

Dramatic Countertenor

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I began at the age of 16
years. I started to attend singing lessons with M. Gilberto Del Chierico. I
proceded in my formation by participating in masterclasses held by William
Matteuzzi, Claudio Cavina, Fabio Bondi. I perfected my studies with M. Angelo
Manzotti. I made my debut in 2001 in the Carmina Burana of Karl Orff, with
Santa Cecilia percussionists of Rome. In july 2006 in Genova, I took part in Giulio
Cesare by Handel and the performance was recorded for Concerto music media
of Milan. In the winter of the same year, I was in Sagra Musicale Malatestiana
of Rimini. In 2007 I was in Milan with M. Manzotti to perform in Vivaldi sacred
opera Gloria and Magnificat for Ueco Foundation, with
which I took part in other sacred operas: Hayden’s Thiresien Messe,
Boccherini’s and Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. I took part in the
first performance of  Piramo
e Tisbe at the Filippo Marchetti Theater of Camerino with M. Lamberto
Lugli, for the hundredth anniversary of Rauzzini ‘s birth. In 2009 I was in
Martina Franca for Valle d’Itria Festival in Orfeo ed Euridice by Gluck
– Bach. In the same year I played with an ancient consort Bella Gerit, to open
41 Festival Internazionale di Musica antica of Urbino. Always with the same
ensamble  I took part in a performance
that comprehends maths, dance, and renaissance music at the Raffaello Sanzio
Theatre in Urbino, De Divina Proportione. The same show was replicated at the Rossini
Theater within the review Teatro Oltre, and the Ravenna Festival in 2011. Together
with M. Susanna Pescetti, I perform in several prestigious productions: Oratorio
per il Santo Natale by Leonardo Leo, a selection of Domenico Sarro’s Achille
in Sciro, and the Italian premier of the Te Deum by Niccolò
Jommelli. In 2012 I took part in the first performance of Ilarocosmo by Pietro
Pace, for Musica Amoeni Loci. In 2011 I was in Ukraine; on this occasion I took
part in a great concert with M. Ivano Caiazza for XXX Virtuosos Festival in
Lviv. In 2011 I took part in the preparation of the soundtrack of the film by
Michael Kosakowski Zero Killed with music by Paolo Marzocchi. I
sang  the first modern performance, Libro
di Mottetti a voce sola e organo by Bartolomeo Barbarino da Fabriano
called Pesarino, together M. Willem Peerik. In 2012,  I made
my debut as Liscione in Scarlatti’s Dirindina, in the season of the
Alessandri Lanari Foundation of Jesi. From 2010 to 2013, I worked with the
musical academy Clivis of  Rome. In my
country I have received the award Golden ear, for the art and culture section.
In 2013 I made my debut as third Pastore in Monteverdi’s Orfeo. In 2014 I took
part in Gluck’s Orfeo e Euridice, in the role of Orfeo, staged at the
Repubblica hall of the Rossini Theater in Pesaro, Moriconi’s Theatre in Jesi,
and in Augusto Massari Theatre in San Giovanni in Marignano. In July 2015 at
the early music festivals Marche Musicae Amoeni Loci, deals with the Actus
Tragicus of Bach and The Seven Words of Jesus Christ of Schutz. In December
2015 at the Teatro San Carlo, he took part as a soloist in the concert for the
inauguration of the group the Real Chapel of Naples, directed by M. Ivano
Caiazza. In March 2016 he performed the Lecons de tenebre de Couperin at the
festival Musicae Sacrae Loci in Pesaro. In May was Oraspe in early modern
revival of  Zenobia in Palmira by
Paisiello, for 200 of his birth at the Teatrino of the court; In June, the
first modern revival of Narciso Amor d’un ombra gelosia d’un aura ovvero Eco
e Narciso by Domenico Scarlatti, together with the Ensemble Baroque
Rome directed by M. Lorenzo Tozzi, with engraving record for Bongiovanni. E
'was again Liscione in Dirindina Scarlatti at the Villa
Floridiana and Riardo together with the Real Chapel of Naples directed by M.
Ivano Caiazza. In October, it will take part in Aria otherworldly
performance that incorporates Baroque music and contemporary dance together
with the No Gravity Dance Company Emiliano Pellisari and Rome Baroque ensemble
conducted by M. Lorenzo Tozzi at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome. It will also
Orfeo in Orfeo ed Euridice by Gluck in San Giovanni in Marignano. In  November will participate in the opera by
Francesca Caccini La liberazione di Ruggero dall’isola di Alcina, promoted in the
season from the Oratorio Gonfalone of  Rome
together with the Rome Baroque Ensemble directed by M. Lorenzo Tozzi, engraving
record for Bongiovanni.

In February 2017 replied Aria to
Krakow at the Festival Materia Prima, and the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza.
I graduated in singing from Conservatoire Rossini in
Pesaro; also in Pesaro I graduated in musicology in 2012, and in composition
musicology in 2014. I’m attending the course in choral music and conduction. I
collaborate with the Santa Lucia Music School, both teaching singing, and the
realization of musical projects. Musical projects includes: Stabat
Mater by Pergolesi, Vivaldi’s Gloria and a selection of Juditha
Triumphans, Te deum by Charpentier, a selection from Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
by Hasse,  I wrote an essay on the
composer  Massari. Future engagements
include: the premier of  Biancaneve
by Augusto Massari, and Petite Messe Solennelle by Gioachino

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