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After completing his secondary school courses, while he also took flute and double bass lessons, he studied Music and Musical Drama at the University of Torino, as well as Vocal Chamber Music, Stage Direction, and Operatic-Musical Entertainment technology at the &ldquoG. Verdi” music academy in Torino. In 2004 he received his diploma in singing, with honours, from the same institution. In order to improve professionally, he graduated with honours from the New Baroque Opera Factory (la Nuova Fabbrica dell’Opera Barocca), with Manuela Custer, Massimiliano Toni, Claudio Cavina, and Maria Cristina Kiehr. The English countertenor Michael Aspinall gave a crucial contribution to his training. He has performed in Italy, as well as abroad in various locations: the Alighieri theatre in Ravenna, the G. Verdi theatre in Trieste, the Ponchielli theatre in Cremona, the Grande theatre in Brescia, the Sociale theatre in Como, the Comunale theatre in Bologna, the Dal Verme and Dell’Arte theatres in Milan, and the Donizetti theatre in Bergamo. In addition, he has performed in the course of many festivals: Liuteria in Festival in Cremona, the International Festival of Ancient Music in Bergamo, the Festival of Sacred Music and Art in Rome, the Festival of Ancient Music in Gijon and Malaga (Spain), the Laudes Paschales and MiTo Settembre Musica festivals in Torino, the Galuppi festival in Venice, Music in Piedmont, the Auditorium of Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples, the Notti Malatestiane in Rimini and at the Music Weeks in Stresa. He sung as contralto solo in the Vocal Ensemble of the Accademia Bizantina, and has cooperated with La Venexiana, the Baroque Orchestra of Bologna, the Baroque Orchestra of Novara, La Terza Prattica, the Ars Antica Choir and Consort, and the Concento Ecclesiastico Orchestra. He regularly works with the Academy of the Solinghi, which has devoted its activity to the rediscovery of the musical heritage of the Royal Chapel of Torino between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. With the same band he has taken part in several world premières (in modern times) of works by authors such as Galuppi, Fioré, Montalto and Giaj. RAI Radio and the BBC have broadcast some of his live and recorded performances. In addition to concerts, he is also a dedicated teacher of singing and performing arts in the fields of opera, baroque music and musicals. Furthermore, he is a specialist of vocal recovery, physiology of difficult vocal techniques, uncontrolled vibrato, and incorrect set-up in the post-nodal recovery phase. He is one of the most respected new-generation teachers of vocal technique at a national level. This is due to his widespread theoretical research, which includes the great treatises of vocal technique across the ages, and to a deep knowledge of the vocal
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