We are for Agents

To the agents of change, those making connections that make things happen in the opera and classical music industry - we are here for you.
We understand how hard it is to have so many balls up in the air all at once and so we have worked hard to create a solution that will take the pressure off and allow you to expand your horizons (and roster!) as we save you time on those lengthy processes that get your job done. Let Truelinked be the assistant you need.

What you get with Truelinked

  • In a place where hundreds of arts organisations are looking daily, agents get the best channel to bookings, talent discovery, career insight data and visibility for your roster.
  • A tool that provides huge potential for the lateral growth of your roster.
  • A tool to oversee and manage your roster with guaranteed GDPR compliancy, that gives great control to mould an artist’s public profile and build it by providing content.
  • The highly valuable potential to monitor traffic and interest in artists on your roster, with a digital handshake from the artist allowing this.
  • This digital handshake also secures artist loyalty.
  • An easy-to-operate channel to the casting directors you work with. An automated way of floating potentials, saving a lot of time in paper trail construction.
  • A tool that allows an agency control over and security of your business intelligence, allowing a GDPR-compliant record of and notes from all interaction and work processes.

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We look forward to the future with you.