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Who are we?

We are a company of opera lovers (and performers!) that came together to help make the future of our industry a brighter place to be. We simply want more of that beautiful music and we can see a way to make that happen.

What are we here for?

At Truelinked, we believe the future of opera and classical music is now. Like we said, we’re about fusing 21st century technology with an age-old art form, so we can offer our industry an easier, more effective way to move forward and put the growth of audience appetite for opera and classical music in the spotlight. We’re about connecting people, or as we say: the four As.

We aim to connect artists with agents with arts organisations and perhaps, most importantly, all of these with audience. We offer a tool that combines digital know-how with industry knowledge collected over many years and we want to put that at your fingertips. We exist to transform the way you work for the better.

To make your life sing.
A global reach.
Our vision
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What do
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faster, smarter, better?
Truelinked has that answer.
Truelinked is the new home of Operabase.

Operabase has documented operatic activity worldwide since 1996, with over 430,000 performances on file, it records the work of artists in over 900 theatres, and publishes season information to opera-goers in 23 languages. The platform has been the go-to for thousands of casters every day and all over the world when they need career and repertoire data on artists and not least when they want to find out which agent to get hold of to hire the artist or ask for availability.

Operabase is proud of its longstanding cooperation with the industry organisation, Opera Europa. The pairing of Operabase and Truelinked has been founder and CEO Sune’s vision from the very beginnings of his company.

In June 2018, Operabase was aquired by Truelinked. Its brand, database and its team are now part of Truelinked’s larger scale offering. This means Truelinked gives Operabase a secure home: preserving everything the old platform offered while building it into a product that is incredibly intuitive and ever-more useful for industry stakeholders. With the combined knowledge and resources of both organisations, Truelinked and Operabase are now in a position to sustainably continue Operabase’s vision and develop its full potential to make your life sing.

"I have always loved innovation and finding ways to move our wonderful art form forward.
I find Truelinked a truly exciting initiative in trying to connect artists and projects in a new way."

Kasper Holten
Chief Executive, Danish Royal Theatre
& Former Director of Opera, Royal Opera House London

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